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Daily Thread Mon Aug 4th

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Morning All!!!

Guess I will take the daily thread today, sure Trout's Mom is enjoying herself immensely visiting her future husband this week.

Sunny morning here but I do see a few clouds lurking around..

Heading off to work shortly, slow day however being a holiday so should be done by 3-4.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, not very energetic today so most likely just have an early night..

Kitties are good, birdwatching at the moment..

Everyone have a great day
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It's thundering and rainy today..
I don't know why I am up so darned early, I think it has something to do with Cali barking (yes barking) and it worried me so I got up to see what was wrong thinking I accidently locked her in a closet or something, but she was on the cat tower dreaming of Lord only knows what and twitching and growling so it must have been a bad dream. I started petting her and she woke up and was purring, so all was well.
Then I got horrible heart burn so here I am trying to get that to go away so no going back to sleep while that's going on.
So since I'm up now, I am thinking about cleaning the house before I go to work at 3. DH is having some friends over for a gaming night and I hate my house being dirty. Bugs me something fierce.
I can't wait until tomorrow, I'm off (except for a meeting at 3) I need a day off...

Have a fantastic !!!!
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Hello all!!

Posting later than usual as I wanted to get my invoices out early this morning.
Made an ok amount of $$ for a July-but I still have 3 clients that didn't pay for June so once I get that $$ the bank account will look pretty good!!

We got an inch of rain overnite with more coming (I think from Iowa!!)
Its gonna be a humid one though.

I had/have the upset stomach once again-so not much sleep last night.

Going to run some errands-grocery, bakery, goodwill for books to read and sit in front of a fan for the rest of the day!!

Started sewing some patchwork pillow shams -might work on those too.

Have a good monday..............
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I have a job interview today. I am a little nervous but not that much. The manager of the store is a friend so it shouldn't be too bad.

It is a civic holiday today so the mall is closing early. I don't have to work though.
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Good morning (15 mins left of the morning!)

Stalling at work at the moment. My boss is out of town until the 12th Then I leave for vacation on the 13th

Already looking forward to my day ending ... I need some relaxation! My weekend didn't have too much of that Going to cook penne chicken alfredo tonight for dinner
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Well hi all! I post all over the place on this board but I haven't here yet!

It's hot and sunny again here in upstate SC. Very little rain, and no more expected until Wednesday when there will be pop-ups. Luckily I live in a spot where the pop-ups usually happen!

Counting down the 2 hours and 45 minutes until I get to leave work.

No idea what's for dinner but we have a TON of food that we got from the wholesale club that we need to cook!
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Good afternoon now!

I'm late today, as well. Had a really busy weekend, think I over did it. And then, I'm staring my period 5 days early because it's the first BC free one in maybe 6 years... Oof, my body doesn't approve!! The things I do to try to have babies!

So because of that, I was late to work, even though I am SWAMPED. Very very busy. If I felt better, I wouldn't be taken a minute to relax and sign on here... But I needed a break... Ugh...

So I'm supposed to work really late tonight, not only because I was in late, but because I have so much to do. But we'll see if I can hold out. Yay for druggies!

Unfortunately for me, today is one of the few warm days we've had all summer. Which normally would be great, except I have a heating pad plastered to my tummy! So I'm a bit warm now.

Evie is good todady. She was happy I stayed home longer than normal! I think she missed us over the weekend, she was very cuddly.

Hope everyone has a good start to the week!
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