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New here with question- long

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Back story:

(posted on another forum July 21)

I walked out into our garage/car port a few minutes ago and saw our neighbor's cat run under a table we have propped up against the wall. The cats don't like us and usually run out, so I looked under the table and discovered she had five kittens in there. I managed to get one out without mama biting me. It doesn't have teeth yet, but it's eyes are open. I am guessing them to be about 2 weeks old.

(Posted on another forum yesterday)

The mama cat moved the kittens over to the neighbors house, but left 2 behind (Brownie and Smoky). It had gotten really hot in the garage and when I found out she left 2 behind they were dead.

I found them Saturday afternoon. I carried them over to the woods and left them right at the edge.

As we were leaving for church this evening, Brownie and Smoky came running over to us. The mama must have found them and realized what she did and got them stronger. They must have had a little bit of life left in them (or they used one of their nine and only have eight left).

I didn't want to run over them, so we left them on the porch with some food and water (I tried taking them back to their mama, but she kept running away and the kittens kept following us). They were still here when we got back and run up to us like we are their mom. I did see the mom when we got back from church. She ate some of their food, but I'm not sure if she let them nurse. She went back to the neighbors and left the 2 kittens.

I am guessing that they are about 5 weeks old now. I will take pics later and post them.

So, this morning I got up and put some food on a plate. Brownie started licking up the food, but Smoky had no clue what to do. I put some food on my finger for him to lick off and tried putting my finger close to the plate. He would get it one second and then the next second he was crying for food. I also had to finger feed Brownie, because I am not sure how much food they need right now. Brownie did poop, but I don't think Smoky has yet.

I still feel that mama abandoned them because we held them too much, but maybe not. The neighbor already has 9+ cats and told us we could keep some, but I hate for them to be away from their mom at such a young age, but I also don't want them to turn semi-feral like the cats next door (they all stay outside all the time).

1. How much and how often should they eat? They probably got about a teaspoon this morning.

2. When can I give them a flea bath?

Thanks a bunch.
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If possible you really should bring them inside for their health and safety. If they have fleas they need to be treated. Until you get them to a vet to verify age, etc. use Dawn dish detergent in a bowl and a flea comb. Keep combing the fleas off. They are too young for any flea medication right now - the vet can tell you how old they should be.

Do NOT use a flea collar on them - its too poisonous. Kittens need to eat about a teaspoon every few hrs - maybe feed 4-5 times a day and you have to make them eliminate by rubbing their tummies.

I don't know why mom abadoned them or is acting that way - but they could be sick and mom knows it. They may or may not survive your best efforts. Hopefully they will as it sounds like they are fighters Kittens under 5-6 weeks old if not handled by people will be more feral and hard to catch later. So get them inside where its safer.

And if they survive, please get them neutered/spayed by 3-4 months old so they don't breed.
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