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Evil flea's!

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Hello all,

Poor little Milo is infested with these evil little critters. So far i've tried frontline, bathing, spray's and collers. Nothing seems to work and he's constantly itching..

Any help would be greatly received.

Also - He's a clean little kitty, we've new carpets and a clean house. He does go out in the evening and play's in the gardens around us. I'm a little distressed about him as he's a Legend!
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Do a search on this forum for flea information - you will find more info than you can imagine. This question comes up frequently so rather than re-type all the info you can just do the search and find lots and lots and lots of it.
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You say you have a clean house and new carpets. Have you treated the house for fleas?

I'm dealing with a flea issue right now. I have lived in my rental house since April. 4 weeks ago I noticed fleas. Neither of my cats leave my home. The fleas came from my basement. They have been laying dormant in our basement from the last tenants. The cats have only had access to the basement for a month...

Treating your cat isn't enough.

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Ok, gave him a good bath with some recommened kitty shampoo... (Not flea shampoo). Then gave him a brush in the bath. MINGING!! About 30 flea's came out dead..


Now onto the carpets and his bed..
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Get yourself some Diatomaceous Earth. Here's a link that explains it all!

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Remember to wash anything in the house that may have them on them as well. If he gets in your bed, wash your bedding, blankets, sofa pillow covers etc.

Bathroom rugs they might lay on, kitchen rugs etc.

I washed everything and until I know our fleas are gone I put it all in trash bags and sealed them--so I don't have to rewash.

I've been washing our bed sheets every 3 days as the boys sleep with us.

My father works for Orkin Pest Control (25 years in pest control)--he's my resident flea advisor so to speak--my house has been treated and will be retreated in 2 weeks. The cats have been treated--I'm ready to be flea free!

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