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Cat's and poop

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Hi there all .
My nanna died and i've taken on her cat who's 12 years old and called Bonkers.
When we first got her home she was very nervous but after 5 days has settled in really well . She's used her litter tray and for the first couple of days did poop BUT yesterday she didn't , is this normal for cats not to poop every day ?
As you can imagine i'm a tad concerned she may be poorly being a virgin cat owner .
If anyone could help with advice i'd be very grateful.
Thanks for reading this .
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Just like us, cats have a regular rhythm, but it can be disrupted or can even vary some. Are you feeding her the same food she is used to eating, on the same schedule? Does she seem to be going to the box, but unable to eliminate? Is she drinking water? Does she seem otherwise to be active and alert?

Cats are great at hiding illness until they are very sick, so we as owners have to keep on eye on their behavior for any signs. You are obviously a concerned owner and you're watching her, so she has found a good person.
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Its probably normal, but given the cat is 12 yrs old, it might be a good idea to have a complete checkup and senior panel done on Bonkers. That way your vet knows a baseline in case you have more problems in the future. 12 yrs old is middle age but is "senior" for a vet.
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