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funny quiz

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it is supposed to tell you weither you are a man or a women....

it said i was a MAN and I am not!!!! So i wanted to see if it got it right for anyone.
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The test is 80% confident that I am a WOMAN!
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they got right that i am a woman.. Umm
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They guessed right for me too..I am a woman!
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It was sure I was a girl!
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It got me right, I am a woman, but I am on the cusp of being a man. Ut oh .
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Yup - woman too!! Although quite close to the central point where it goes towards blue . . .
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It was right, but what was that question about Canada sucking about!
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It said I was a women 86 0/0 they were right!
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That was neat, 86% woman, should be 100%
Gonna do hubby now
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ady I don't know, I wondered the same thing. I really thought that it was out of line for a quiz question about gender. Even their attempt to explain it at the end, fell short. Just look at it as the attempts of someone with a narrow point of view who has to much time on their hands to come up with such a lame question. I have a lot of good friends who are Canadian, and I have nothing but respect for you and your country. I have always wanted to live there too...
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Hubby was 80% woman!!!!! There definatly got it wrong that time
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I'm going to have my fiance take it . . . I'll let you know what he gets!! Hehe!
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I think the canada thing was just a more of if you say yes or yeah...everyone knows that canada rocks! I hope to visit someday if i ever get enough money together
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Yep! He's a guy.
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80% sure I was a woman, although I'm not sure how. In their examples at the end, I voted like a man in all but one.
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Same here Heidi... it said that they were 80% sure I was a woman... but all their examples at the end are wrong!
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Mine says I am 86% Confident that I am a women!
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How retarded

It said I was DEFINITELY a man, 80%. I am 100% female, thank you very much.

Was a funny quiz.
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I was a woman, and a guy friend of mine was a guy.
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Does it say something about us, that we need a quiz to confirm our gender? We've been hanging around desexed cats, too long!
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AND I had serious fear I was going to come up as a guy!
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Originally posted by Deb25
AND I had serious fear I was going to come up as a guy!
That could mess up your whole program: you'd have to learn how to scratch, belch and adjust yourself - not to mention how to pee standing up!
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Weird test. It was 86% sure I was a woman, but I sort of knew which ones I should pick to make it say so.
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