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Kittens trying to hump

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I got 2 kittens in the beginning of may the queen first than the male cat a few weeks later. They have not been fixed yet because the vet said to wait untill around 6 months (which will be september). Today the male cat kept trying to hump the queen. She does not show sings of being in heat. Is it maybe he has become sexually active or maybe she is going to be in heat soon and he san sense it? Neither of them have sprayed ever. He smells her there and than tries to hump her. Should i be alarmed? any advise you guys can tell me?
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Id suggest you separate them for the time being, until you get them neutered/spayed.I think they are sexually active sience my female cat got pregnant at 7 months.
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Kittens as young as 4-5 months old can and do breed. She doesn't HAVE to be in heat to get pregnant. Please keep them separated till they are spayed/neutered. Get her done first because it can take up to 2 months for a male to be safe around a female and not get her pregnant.
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It's my understanding that if a female cat isn't in heat, and they do the deed, it can send her into heat, and she can get preggers, seperate them ASAP!!! You do not want kittens, they are cute and that is the only upside. They cost a LOT of $$$, shots, food, spays, vet visits. They require a TON of patients, because any person that has lived with a kitten knows that 3AM is for racing across you at full speed with claws out, with no regard of you having to get up for work in 3 hours.
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alright i will have to do that than. is there any way that the vet could tell? Also i cought them trying to do the deed a few times. how long does it take for them actually finish it off? Thanks for your advise!
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Cats usually only mate for about 10 seconds, sometimes several times a day, though this varies from cat to cat, if that is your question.

Have you seperated them yet?????
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Just schedule the spay appointment now and it won't matter is she is or isn't pregnant. A kitten this young being pregnant COULD kill her!
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i cannot get them fixed for another month. i separated them last night and they kept me up all night long. any suggestions of how to keep them separated ? also if she were to get pregnant would they still be able to spay her? do i need to keep them separated for an entire month because the vet or SPCA will not spay them until 6 months
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For a peaceful night I suggest you do a two hour play session instigated by you or until they are clearly wiped out, eyes blinking, etc. Pole toys, aluminum wrapped balls, cat dancers, a whole smörgåsbord of fun. I good clear strip of 5-8 feet to get them running and chasing does the trick for me. You can keep an eye on them as your there and they get interaction for abit. Double tape at bottom of door if your having scratching issues already.
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Yes they still need to be separated until she is spayed - especially since he is mounting her now and has in the past. All it takes is one successful mating. The vet can still spay if she is pregnant (lets hope NOT) but it will cost more. However the cost is minimual to having to take care of an entire litter for 3 months with extra food, etc. and the real possibility of c-section or bottle raising kittens from such a young mother.

Confine them to a room each when you are not around to supervise and stop any mounting activity.

I'd still check around with other vets - I'm sure you could find one to spay her now.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I'd still check around with other vets - I'm sure you could find one to spay her now.
especially if you explain the situation. are you in the U.S., or elsewhere?
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I agree. I've never had to wait until 6 months to get them fixed.
Hope you find someone reliable to will do it earlier for you.
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You could try calling your vet and explaining the situation. They might make an exception and do them earlier. My vet is one that still waits until 6 months but she went ahead and did my girl kitty at 5 months
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I had a litter of 4 kittens in my backyard three girls, one boy, I also was waiting for 6 months, then I saw the boy cat on top of one of the girls, I quickly made an appointment to have them all done, and afterwards they told me one of the girls was pregnant. They spayed her. but she was approximately 5 months old.
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after calling around i got them all fixed up yesterday. i even called the SPCA and they told me to wait until 6 months, my vet told me to just keep them apart for a month, haha right. However they have cones now do you have any suggestions to how long they should keep them on and such, i am new to this and not really sure about how to go about doing it. the female has a large insision and the male keeps trying to get at it any advise on what to do with the cone situation????? Thanks soooo much for all of your help, saved me 10 times over again

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Are all of them wearing cones or only the girls? I really hate those things - feel so sorry for the cats cause its hard to eat/drink.

Talk to the vet and see if you can take them off. Maybe still separate them for awhile so the little boy doesn't bother the stitches. Will you have to go back in 10-14 days to have them removed?
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I never had to have cones on for any of mine and I've had many other cats done that never used a cone. They just told me to stop them if they are licking their incision too much. They also had stitches that desolved. So I didn't have to bring them back in again for a follow-up.
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yeah they are the ones that dissolve as well but she was licking them a lot so i had to cone her up, this way she does not get as crazy playing around too
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I'm glad you were able to get them fixed - it will save you a lot of problems in the future! Hopefully you won't need the cone on for long.
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a "cone" (e-collar or elizabethan collar) is to keep her from licking her wounds but when pookie got spayed she didnt have a cone (although she did pull the stitches out, but it was way after it had healed already) you CAN put some antibiotic ointment on it to deter her from licking it but this is a risk as she might just lick off the ointment too which may give her an upset stomach...a very large bandage may help with something to help it stick really well...when my dog got bitten by flies on his ear (hes now an indoor dog)...a large bandage with antibiotic ointment and lots of tape to keep it on kept him from scratching it is hard for animals to eat drink and sleep in a "cone" so alternatives might be useful...and the bandage will also keep the other cat from getting to her pretty sure shes pissed at having to have her head stuck inside a "cone" all the moms cat got attacked by something and had to wear one of those for a while and she was all grumpy and stuff...but if its the only way to keep her fomr licking her wounds then leave the "cone" on..good luck
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Be careful about using any medications formulated for humans on your cat without working with your vet. Certain compounds that might be safe for dogs or people can be quite toxic to cats.
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