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Considering changing cat foods

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I'm considering switching cat foods, but I'd love to hear other opinions before I do so. My boys currently get California Natural dry and alternate between Wellness and Natural Balance for the canned food. They split a can of food each day (1/4 each twice per day) and they get a small amount of dry (~1/8 to 1/6 cup twice per day) in the morning and at night. Odo is overweight at 12 pounds, and Zek, who was healthy at 11.5 to 12 pounds, is now overweight at more than 13.5 pounds. Obviously a change is needed.

My schedule is awkward, so I end up having to give them extra food so I won't feel guilty about them starving when I'm gone for 12+ hours. I did buy an automatic cat feeder, but if I don't give them more food than they need, Zek will eat it all and Odo (who is about 15 years old and gets stressed by hunger) won't get any. I do feed Zek his dry food in a treat ball, but Odo isn't the brightest boy, and he doesn't understand how to use a treat ball. Plus, Zek tends to show food aggression (he lets out a low growl if Odo has food and he wants it), and Odo backs down.

I'm considering switching the dry food to Solid Gold's Indigo Moon and cutting back how much they get, perhaps giving them dry only once per day (my schedule should be changing soon, so I will be able to provide more consistent mealtimes). While I'd love to go all canned, Zek won't eat a full serving of canned in one sitting, and Odo will sneak in and eat it for him.

Should I switch dry food or just cut back? If I switch, is there a better one than Solid Gold's Indigo Moon for keeping them full and providing adequate amounts of protein? Cost is somewhat of a factor as I'll be going back to school, so I'd rather keep it under $3 per pound--California Natural is currently costing me about $2.80 per pound, and Solid gold would be about $2.75 per pound. I started to cut back on the dry a little, and Zek already thinks I'm starving him to death--plus he's a thief and will break into any open container. I came home last week and found he had broken into a container of shrimp pellets for the fish.
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Do you have taste of the wild??? it IMHO is a FAR better food than indago
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I forgot to mention that Zek is allergic to something, most likely beef. I've heard that cats who are allergic to beef are often allergic to venison--is this the case? I'll have to see if Taste of the Wild is still available at the pet store I go to. Solid Gold Indigo Moon seemed to be a bit simpler--fewer protein sources--and has more protein, which is why I looked at it in the first place.
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Most of the protein in it is coming from POTATO ...
Venison is CLOSEST to LAMB NOT Beef..

With a allergy cat I would worry MORE about the veggie proteins over the meat proteins... One cat and two dogs with MAJOR food issues only one MEAT is a NO Go while EVERY grain and MOST starchy veggies are
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Would it be better to leave him on California Natural then?
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If they are doing well I would
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Zek's got a bit of dandruff, but that's probably just from getting tubby so quickly. I'll just change their feedings around and reduce the amount of food that they get.
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