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This is so unfair and bigoted

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We have a Handyman doing all teh work on our new House and he is 6'8 and black. I gave him a check and he said the bank will give him a problem because he is tall and black. He goes to the Bank and I get a phone call saying he is trying to cash the check. I had to describe him to them also.
He even wears his work clothes and they still do that. He is from the Caribean and is a friend of our real estate agent.
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Yes, that is very unfair, and just plain wrong! Unfortunately racism is alive and well in our society.
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OMG that is terrible
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That makes me sad! (and mad)
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Yeah, when that happens it is very unfair, and I know it happens all too often.

However, I just want to add that, in property management, I get phone calls like that all the time for checks I write both to vendors and tenants. I've had them call on the whole gamet. Adults, young adults, seniors, black, white, hispanic, asian... You name it. Even our commercial tenants, professional adult white males, I've had those called on.

So, hopefully it was just random or some other trigger... Though I doubt it...
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post
So, hopefully it was just random or some other trigger... Though I doubt it...
I doubt it was a random thing. He told her that he would have problems at the bank before he went. And sure enough he did. So it seems like it's an ongoing thing that happens to him frequently.
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No it wasnt random. Its because he is tall and black. It happens to him all the time. If he was black and not tall they would not act that way. My friend Mable is 5 feet tall and she has never been treated that way.
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How sad

I understand that there is still racism in our society, but it still surprises me when something like this happens because it's such blatant racism. I don't understand why being tall makes it worse though? Do people think a tall black man is more threatening or something?
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I face racism all the time, My two oldest adopted kids are part native. Dh and I are both white. My oldest is the darkest. I usually go in to stores with her, because she gets treated badly. Either they won't wait on her, or they follow her, like she is going to steal everything. Even thou we were open, to adopting children of any race. We soon found out that others were not as accepting.
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For me, life is hard enough as a bland little white girl. How must it feel to know that people are assuming the worst of you based solely on your color and height?

And I'm so sorry about the way people treat your kids, mb. It's beyond me how they justify that kind of behavior.
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How sad. Ugh.
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Ugh, that is just so messed up. And it's such obvious racism, too!
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My Sister has mixed kids. My two Nephews are Mexican ,Native and White and there is no problem. My oldest Nephew is now home schooled because he is half black and they call him ape and alot of names I can not mention here.
The kids calling him names are Mexican. She wants to move to Colorado which I hope will not be a mistake. The area I live in is mostly Hispanic and White.
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That is terrible. Not only is it mean but inconvienent. I feel bad for him.
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I have to pay him with a check today also. He is working here right now.
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If they do call about it again I'd give them a lecture about being bigotted cowards with the description, etc.
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