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Update about my Persian kitten who die!!!

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OK I am posting this here because is the Breeders Corner, I actually want to give you an update about what had happened with my white persian kitty that he only last 48 ours with me he died from PKD which is really bad and not only that I've decided to have the breeder give me the refund because I just didn't feel like she was honest about the health condition of the other kittens, so i found from cfa.org a breeder she is in this web http://www.rujamcattery.com/welcome.htm she says that she is good and when i spoke to her she sound like she is a loyal person but tomorrow I am going to check what she has available, she says too that she shows Persian so will see tomorrow what would happens, I would like to hear opinions about what you think about her website.....
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She looks like a good Breeder to me. My friend was a Persian Breeder also and was going to just chage me shipping and give me the kitten free but she kept losing them all. Make sure the kitten is scanned for problems. My friends breeder cat Peaches died last year and so did almost all the kittens. Some were 2. She has closed her cattery because it was to upsetting. So sorry about your Kitten again.
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I am sorry for your loss. Did you have a vet determine that he died from PKD? If so you should contact the breeder. Did you have a written contract with a health guarantee, and a statement that (s)he was free of PKD?

I am sorry to say this but good breeders do not let their kittens go to new homes that young. Anyone can make a website that looks good and says the right things. 9 weeks old is too young to leave the mumcat, I do not think that breeder is a good one, despite the assurances given on her website.

I am very sorry for your loss - I know you only had the kitten for a couple of days but you get so attached in such a short time, it must be really upsetting for you, I know I would be heartbroken

SORRY! I just re-read your post this is a different breeder? If you are thinking of getting a kitten from her, thoroughly check that she is a good breeder, it is not enough for her to say that she is a good breeder and sound genuine. Her website doesn't say much, that doesn't mean she's not a good breeder but you need to get verification from elsewhere. If you are looking for a new kitten, speak to LOTS of breeders and get recommendations. Kittens should be between 12 - 16 weeks old and vaccinated, if in the UK the minimum age is 13 weeks old, if in the US then the kitten is normally spayed or neutered and has recovered from surgery before going to its new home.
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When I spoke with her she told me that she was going to give the health certificate, registration paper work, sales contract, pedigree copies of veterinary and vaccinations, spay and neuter agreement, records for inherited disease, and a write explanation about the care of the kitten but, like i say i found her in CFA.org and I will hopefully see what else she offers me she say that the kitten is breeder quality but I will let you know if I got the kitten or not thanks for all of the advice
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I would research alot. I did with my Sphynx taht was just born July 24th. I can not have him until he is almost four months and she scans her Cats. That breeder your Cat came from let them go way to young. Try checking the Bbb and ask Vets if they know this other breeder.
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Personally I would not buy from a breeder (now) that has in the contract you have to spay/neuter by 8 months of age. That USED to be the case. The majority of GOOD ethical breeders will not sell a kitten to you before its neutered/spayed; especially for a pet. In the US, kittens are done by 3-4 months of age and that's when the breeder sells you the kitten - not before 12 weeks old.

Just cause she shows doesn't mean much. I looked at the website - seems none of her cats are any higher then a champion (which is pretty easy to get). When I look at a kitten I want to see a lot more GRAND champions of the cats she is showing.

She just mentioned "health guarentee" - what exactly is she guarenteeing and for how long? There are many many Persian breeders out there - good and bad so its hard to find a really good one. Don't know how much you were planning on spending but a quality (pet) kitten with neuter/spay and parents tested and shown to more then champion will run you a good $500. If you are finding kittens less then that, the breeder is not one you really want to buy from. Do a LOT of research.
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