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Just curious...

In your opinion which sex is cuddlier, male or female cats?

With my cats Roo is way cuddlier than Tigger, but that might be because he was raised to accept cuddles and Tigger wasn't...

What do you think?
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My 2 boys are much more willing to cuddle. Balie will tollerate it, Ferdy absolutely laps it up.

My girl-kity, Fifi will not be held or cuddled, she just wriggles out. The ONLY time she will accept being held is very first thing in the morning - and only then by Ken, or by me if I happen to be wearing his dressing gown - LOL!!!!
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As an adult, I have had 2 female and 2 male cats. Out of these 4, 1 male and 1 female have been cuddly.

Snowball is the cuddly male. The people who owned him when he was still with the mother cat and littermates exposed him to a lot of people, and he got a lot of handling at a very early age.
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Neither Opie nor Rowdy are cuddly. Buddy, on the other hand, is a lover boy.
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Just with my own experience, Rocky is much more cuddlier, and more affectionate than Fluffy is...I am sure they all vary though...
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That is very good question!

Unfortunately, all my life is that i adopted almost all of the boys. Last time, I always wanted girl cats until i found Jude and Tavish then they turned out they are boys. Oh well!
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I have had cuddling angels on both sides, and the other way around. I haven't noticed any formal difference... I think its a good question!

I guess a cat being friendly or not depends on its background and not much else (and some species are friendlier than other I think).
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I have only had boy and they were always cuddly. Especially now my baby boy Loki..
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My males. Which is way I am handleing all my kittens all the time,I don't think my females were handled much as kittens.
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My boys, definitely. Fred is the biggest cuddle bug I have ever had. Pearl and Georgia could care less.
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I have two females and one male, one of the females is the most cuddly, she lies on my chest and snuggles on my neck near my cheek!
They other female is on your lap but only on her terms, and my male, is cuddly too, different but still cuddly!

the uncuddly female was abused, so that explains her behavior,
cuddly female I got from the shelter but she had no history, just found on the street wrapped in a blue scarf! (here in montreal snowy winter)

I think my leo isn't as cuddly as my female because he always wants to play!!!!!
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I think it just depends on the individual cat. My 2 girls and 2 of the 3 of my boys love to snuggle. One boy has issues and doesn't actually like to be touched, but that has to do with his situation before we got him. He is getting much better with the touching as long as we are not crowding him.
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Spike loves his scritches and pets, but he's not a lapcat at all. He does love to lie on my bed next to me and curl up though.
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to me it seems like boys are more then girls, but i'm not sure i think big orange tabbies are the cuddliest!
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hey Jenn,
yet another similarity btw Spike and Leo,

he is not a lap cat either, but always follows me and is near me, cuddled in at times, although he does like it when I pick him up, and walk around, he purrs away...does Spike like to be picked up?
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