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Some people shouldn't own pets

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This is far from the worst story about poor pet owners, but is still ticked me off!

This afternoon I was in my backyard studying and my dog (Samson) was out there with me. All the sudden Samson started barking like crazy, ran to the fence and jumped up on the fence. I didn't see what he was barking at at first but then I see this Beagle wandering over to my fence. I went out out to see her and she came right up ans started licking me. No collar. I picked her up and put her in my yard and then went to go find her owner. There are 2 people in my neighborhood that own Beagles (that I know of), one of which I have found and returned before. So I started walking to that house. As I approach that house I see the lady standing in her driveway, leaning against her car smoking a cigarette. She looked as if she had no care in the world. I walked to her driveway and asked if her dog had gotten out. She responds with "Oh, yes. Did they wander over to your house?". I said only the Beagle and then asked if there was another one missing. She says yes, they both got out and she isn't sure where they went. But yet she is just standing there smoking a cigarette like there is nothing wrong? So she goes into her house to get some leashes and then we walk to my house. On the way the other dog appears out of nowhere so I stop so we can get it(she didn't even notice it had showed up and was following us, I had to point him out to her and ask if it was her dog!!). The dog wouldn't even go up to the lady! He came up to me after about a minute but she couldn't grab him to put the leash on. So she just says "Oh well" and keeps walking hoping the dog would follow! The dog kept going off to people's yards (out of sight) and she just let him do it! Finally, at my house, she gets a leash on both dogs and verbally spats our her phone number for the next time her dogs get out.

(for some background, the last time I found this beagle wandering was in the winter, I put a leash on her and walked her around the neighborhood to find the dog's home. I found some people having a bonfire so I approached them and asked if they knew whose dog it was. That lady just said "Oh, ya, She's mine. She got out earlier today. " But she is just sitting there hanging out with her friends??!!)

Ok, if my dog (or cat, or any pet) was missing I would be outside immediately, frantically searching for them!!! If I didn't find them in a few hours of searching I would start calling places and be putting flyers up. She seemed to not even care that they got out or that she wanted to find them. We live super close to a major road (70 mph) and that dog could very easily head out into the road and get killed.

I am tempted to just keep the dog and rehome it the next time I find it.

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This lady sounds like she was drunk or high! Seriously. I mean how could you not even notice your dog coming up to you? *shakes head*

I bet she wouldn't even notice if you kept him. Sounds like she'd just shrug it off and say "oh well".

Maybe she likes her dog to be able to run around?? I don't get it, I would be frantic if my kitties got out.
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People are just lovely aren't they?

This person is the prime example of why county shelters are fill with strays. These are the type of people who don't go looking for their pet. I have no idea why they get them in the first place.

I lost my Mr. Murphy once. I forgot to close my apt. door on the way to work. When I came home my neighbor asked me if I knew my door was open. My heart sunk and I ran to the 3rd floor and there my door was open. I looked down the hallway for him. Stairway. I searched floor to floor. Then I began knocking on neighbors doors. Nothing. I went to the aparment manager to let him know my cat got out.

I then began scowering the streets for him ,even though it would be impposible for him to escape from the building. Making that kitty call clicking sound till my mouth hurt. I spent 3 hours crying my eyes out and when I still think about it tears well up in my eyes because it hurt so bad. I threw up once.

In defeat I went back to my apartment. Then I got a knock. My neighbor down the hall had him in her apartment. She found him laying in the hallway earlier.

She got a really nice Christmas gift that year, and Mr. Murphy got a can of tuna when I took him home.

So yeah..I have no idea why people don't go looking for their animals. It's just crazy to me!
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She shouldnt have dogs. When we had a dog years ago my Dad got in the car and we drove all over looking for her.
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Sounds like my neighbor. After nearly running over one of their dogs one day, I brought him home and he went inside. The neighbor then opened the door, LEFT it open and walked out into the yard. Of course, the dog ran right back out and started trotting down the road, and the neighbor was totally unconcerned.
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Grrr. I know. I am really regretting that I brought the dog back to her. But at the same time I could probably get in a lot of trouble if I didn't return her.

WHat's sad is it is definitely a full blood beagle and she probably paid a good amount of money for it but obviously doesn't even care about her. Poor pup, I don't even wanna know how she is treated behind closed doors.

(last time I returned the dog she immediately just locked it in a small crate)
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That last sentence in your first post sounds good. She probably wouldn't think twice about it. You then find it a decent home.
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Oh I hate people like that.. who act like their pet is nothing!! When Monster got out last year, i didnt realize it until i woke up, and nobody else noticed that he was missing. i searched ALL over our house for him and didnt find him, so i got dressed and went looking all over our neighborhood, TWICE. then i had my bf drive me around the neighborhood twice more. i had to go to work, i wanted to call out but there was nobody to cover for me. i spent the whole day crying, but while i was at work, my bfs mom made up flyers, hung them up. and my bfs cousin went around to all the houses in our neighborhood and showed them all a pic of him, and gave them my number. someone called me later on in the evening. they brought him to my work and now we take better precautions and are more aware in case he slips out again. i dont understand how someone can act so calm when their pet is missing.. as if they dont even care!! they shouldnt have pets if they dont care!
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