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Kitten + 2 adult cats = difficult to feed

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Hey guys...

Here's a question...

I have two 4yo kitties (they combined get 1c of dry Innova EVO per day, as they are on a diet...and they refuse to eat wet food, except for Iams wet Kitten food), and we adopted a 3.5mo kitten about a month ago. Right now, we have him on Iams wet kitten food and he's been free-fed the EVO. (As soon as we can, we'll be starting the switch to all wet food for everyone...but for now, that's what they eat, and the vet is very happy with it. )

Two problems: Simon has an unlimited amount of food occurring in his room (our office) each day. He is out and about with the other two all day long, and spends the night closed in the office (long story, lol). During the day, the other two, when they run out of their own food, come up and eat his. I started to try to prevent this by only having Simon's wet food out up here during the day (and he gets fed two cans a day, one in the morning and one at night, so there's ALWAYS canned food out for him), but then Hobbes came in and has started to chow down on Simon's (the kitten) wet food (thereby eating a LOT more than he's supposed to).

Basically, the problem is that our two kitties that need be on a restricted diet are now eating all they like (which will halt all the progress in losing weight that they really need to continue), while Simon (who was underweight when he came to us, and is growing like a weed) needs to be free-fed. How do I handle this?

I need to continue having Simon out all day with them, but he also needs access to his wet food all day long.

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Feed Simon at night, when he is in the office. And feed the dry to the cats during the day, with a bit extra for Simon.
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Wet food shouldn't be left out all day, it should be out for no longer than 15 minutes at a time.

Can you feed Simon 3x a day?
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I would do scheduled measured feeds, in separate rooms if necessary, and give Simon an extra meal. Wet food shouldn't be left out for too long as flies can lay eggs in it and it's a good breeding ground for bacteria - a cat's short digestive tract means they are less prone to bacterial food poisoning than us, but it's still a risk and having experienced very serious food poisoning myself (hospitalisation serious food poisoning, 3 weeks of severe illness, not just a slight upset tummy), it's not a risk I'd want to take with my cats.

I have 3 cats and 1 of them needs to be fed separately from the others because a) he is extremely greedy and b) he is a little stressed/aggressive around food with the other cats. If I just left them to it, I would end up with 1 huge cat and 2 starving bullied ones! So I would suggest scheduled feeding rather than free feeding so that they can be fed separately, if Simon is still underweight you could try him on kitten food which has higher calories for a while, as long as he has no other health problems, or give him an extra meal.
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I would also come up with a schedule of measured feeds in separate rooms during the day. It's going to be a long time before the kitten and the adults can be on the same schedule eating the same amount. If the kitten is in a separate room overnight, leave plenty of food out overnight but pick it up in the morning.
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