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What's for dinner?

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Swiss cheese fondue and tossed vegetable salad for us!
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I think we are going to have Steaks on the grill
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DH and I will be dining on beef and noodles.
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We had a tuna salad here today with gorgeous boiled new potatoes.

That was ages ago now though - we'll be thinking about breakfast soon
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Unless I get more creative before then, probably avocado stuffed with egg on a simple salad plate.
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We had whole wheat spaghetti with organic sauce and veggies
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I have no idea!!!!
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I must not have eaten too much...your choices sound good, too!
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Santa Maria tri tip sandwiches on French bread and a beautiful fruit salad with a nice bottle of petite syrah
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Homemade pizza with hard boiled eggs. Weird combo I know, but I've been craving hard boiled eggs lately.
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Well i wound up going all out tonight

I'm having chicken nuggets and leftover mac & cheese (DH is at work tonight so i'm taking the night off)
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I was really craving chocolate for I had my doctored up version of Slim Fast shake.

I'll probably have some toast and tea around 10pm or so.
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We had leftovers from the party last night. Meatballs, pasta salad, coleslaw, potato salad, homemade beans and buns. We didn't bother heating up any of the burgers or hot dogs.
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I had a nice mixed green salad with sliced chicken and for dessert a slice of watermelon.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Ohhh! That sounds sooo good! I'm going to Safeway tomorrow, so I'm going to look for some!
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Well we had to grill over the firepit fast as it started raining. So I had a hamburger-Neil had a ribeye. Dug some baby red potatoes from the garden, boiled them up and made some zucchini latkes (yes zucchini is going to be featured prominently for a while).
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I made garlic & olive oil vermicelli (pasta-roni ), and a loaf of garlic bread (we'll keep the vampires away )

Tomorrow night I want to make chicken alfredo
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Grilled portabella mushrooms burgers with guac, swiss, fresh greens, fresh tomato, and red onion and toasted whole wheat bun. Served with a tall glass of homemade iced tea (no sugar - just lemon).
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We had barbeque chicken breast, with baby potatoes, and corn on the cob
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