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What could be better?

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What could be better than waking up to purring balls of love?

When I wake up in the morning I'm greeted by three little sweeties that all want attention. This morning Arutha purred and purred, sticking his little head under my arm. I didn't get out of bed for 20 minutes . I feel sorry for people who don't have the love of a good kitty.

Is loving your furbabies the first thing you do in the morning?

My guys wanted to say hi!
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awwww I love your kitties! So cute.

yep moe and neo normally run into the room as soon as dh opens the door (they don't sleep with use every night because they like to play and make a bunch of noise ) then moemoe and dh normally cuddle and me and neo cuddle
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For awhile now, I've been waking up with Spike sleeping next to me. I LOVE it, and tell him that I do often, so he knows he should keep doing it.

Your babies are beautiful, Laura, simply adorable!
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I just love the way your orange kitty keeps his/her paws close together while sitting. My orange looks like he's got an anvil on his back with the way he sits.
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Laura, that is SUCH a lovely picture - they look like such little angels all lined up on your bed like that!!

I have a morning cuddle with my 2 boy cats - it has to be one at a time though, they are so jealous of each other they won't sit on the bed together.

I will always have either one or t'other on the bed all the night curled up by my feet.

Girl-cat Fifi never ventures into the bedroom - even if we bring her in she hares out as if the very devil is chasing her. Only if is is EXTREMELY cold, will she rarely jump up and snuggle up with me in the night, but never for long.

I think snuggling with kitties first thing in the morning is a fab, gentle way to wake up.
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Nothing like it is there....we all sleep with the door shut at night, but as soon as I open that door, they are right up there in the bed greeting us....
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Rowdy is too busy, being rowdy, to snuggle and Opie isn't a morning person - he sleeps in. Buddy, however comes up first thing to get his ears scratched. I had to break that off, though - it was continued in the bathroom.
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All my cat's want in the morning is food! They are night lap snugglers!
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Sometimes Fred will snuggle down for a little while, but mostly he sits on me in the most uncomfortable position he can find, or goes straight for the bladder. Georgia had been scratching my feet, but this morning she graduated to biting my toes.
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