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Fashion experts come here

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Ok so my cousin is getting married, her and I are both going to be 23 at the time.
I am invited to the wedding, but am not in the wedding procession so i'll be wearing a suit, not a tux.

Now, I cant afford to buy a suit so my Grandma is offering to buy me one. I have black dress pants and white dress shirt already, so I said to my Grandma I guess im getting a black jacket right? She said no, your getting a Gray jacket.

Out of all the google images i've seen and wedding pictures from my parents wedding, i've NEVER seen the jacket and pants be two different colors, especially as different as light gray and black. I thought they must match.

I personally like the all black with white, I dont like gray and I already feel stupid I have to wear different matching alfits. I already have issues with large crowds, if I have to wear this I feel like hiding seriously.

So what is the right combination?

This is what I thought looked good, (the jacket and pants match and are black)
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I can tell you right now that any black jacket you get will not go with your black pants - b/c the dye lot will be different and there are... believe this or not -- different shades of black. How formal is the wedding? I would advise - if there is money for it - to get a nice navy suit. Or some other neutral color, but navy is classic.

Or a navy sport coat and gray slacks if it is not so formal.
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I would say, if you're not going to wear a suit you bought all at once, you should wear a sport coat that contrasts nicely.

Call it a factor of age, but hey, the tan corduroy jacket with the leather elbows is a look that is fairly timeless.
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I must have been confused, I didnt know the pants and jacket (sports coat I meant) HAD to be different. This is my first wedding i'll be at so I had no idea.

I still dont like gray, so I asked if I could get a suit and it be Navy Blue (navy blue pants and jacket), I like Navy Blue as much as Black. That may come to pass so that would make me feel alot better and they can be the same color if it's a suit.

My guess is it's Formal since it's my 1st Cousin getting married and it will be at a wedding hall.
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the only reason they should be different colors like black and grey or blue and grey is because of the different shades of a color and it won't look right.

So if you're hip to getting a navy blue suit - go for it... can't go wrong with that!!
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I think what they're saying is that if you're set on using the black pants you already have, then you shouldn't get a black jacket. If you're going to get a whole new suit, then they can be the same color.

You're just never going to find a black jacket that will be the same color as the black pants you already own.
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I understand now, thanks for the help!
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I am, by NO means, a fashion expert! That being said, I do agree if you can, purchase a suit all made from the same fabric lot so it will all be the same shade. I always thought a blue suit was so tasteful. But, I need to ask if you've thought about the tie color? To me, the tie makes or breaks the suit.
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There are also formal rental places where you can rent a suit for a fraction of the cost of buying something.
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So if you're still growing and don't want to invest in a suit that won't fit in a year or two, rental would be the way to go!
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Personally I'd recomend going to wal mart? They do clothes right? My dad once went to Tescos (like wal mart) and got a wedding suit from there for around £40 ($80) and it looked nice.

I don't think light grey will go with black, nor will black unless it's from the same set. What my cousin did for her wedding was have the boys wear black waitcoats with white fronts. Looked lovely. And you couldn't see they were two different blacks.
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I think Wal*Mart does casual clothes, suits. Mybe kids suits, but I don't buy clothes there.

A navy suit or a summer gray suit would be a great choice. And I agree the tie makes the suit. We've bought suits at Penny's - inexpensive and a decent quality. Shirts and ties too. The guys will help you pick something out that looks nice
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