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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda

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Morning All!!

A nice sunny day here which is great considering all the rain we have been having.

Heading off to work shortly, hope to be done by 4-5 then off to the farmer's Market for some fresh produce..

Nothing special planned for this evening however I really should do some maintenance on my computer haven't cleaned out the junk for awhile so that sounds like a interesting way to spend some time..

Kitties are good this morning I woke up to all 3 sitting on the bed staring at me this morning...still not sure just what they were up to.

Everyone have a good day
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Good morning (I had to check, it IS still morning here )

DH didn't finish that transmission job yesterday, so it is off to the shop he works at to fix the transmission, then back to the other shop to put it back in the car. Ugh, another long day!

I might cook some Pasta-Roni garlic and olive oil vermicelli for dinner tonight. We didn't get to watch "Live Free, Die Hard" last night on our date night (ended up being too late once DH got home after dealing with a guy and his crappy car ) so we'll probably watch it tonight as our "belated date night movie".
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I am going to "The World of Faeries Festival."
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I went for a 11 mile bike ride, and then perused craigslist for anything of interest.
Waiting for lunch to finish baking. Not much on tap this afternoon-grilling out tonite though.
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We have heat advisory in my area. It's supposed to be 105-110 degrees. It was 105 yesterday too. I am going to be lazy and stay in air conditioned house all day
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