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Your Kitties Eye Color!

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I thought it would be neat to ask everyone what their cats eye colors are! Here's my kitties!

Peppurr: Emerald Green

Vader: Gold and Green

Twinkles: Gold

Mimi: Ice Blue

Majesty: Tawny Gold

Rascal: Copper, Gold and Green

Hercules: Sapphire Blue

Felix: Gold

Xena: Light Blue

Mischief: Olive and Gold

What about your kitties? What are their eye colors?
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My new baby's eyes are blue!!! And will be all her life!!!
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Arutha: Blue

Pug: Blue

Thomas: Golden Brown
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Ash has the most beautiful green eyes! I love them so much!

Angel had yellow (and I miss HER so much!)
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All of my angels have blue eyes
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Snowball has beautiful blue eyes. When people see him for the first time, they always comment on how pretty his eyes are!
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Daisy's : yellow

Venus' : light blue (she is deaf)

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MoeMoe and Neo both have amazing gold eyes that match there fur perfect!
Lilly is Sea Foam green eyes. They are so pretty!! I really have never seen another cat with such pretty eyes!
Ashton as gold eyes with a green tint
Sherbert as gold eyes
and snowwhite has gold eyes
i dont know what color the babies have because there eyes aren't open yet
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There are so many kitties with blue eyes! I can't wait till Mimis and Snowwhites kittens finally open theirs!
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Tigger's are yellow
Roo's are gold
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Spike has yellow-gold eyes.
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Asim: Yellowish Green
Isha: Pale Yellow
Tage: Yellow

I don't think I have ever had anything except for cats with yellow or yellow greenish eyes, yup yup. No blue or orange.
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Piper's are light green,

Roxy's are orangy on the outer and green on the inner, they are really cool, the orangy color matches her orange highlights, she is a black torti with orange and cream...

Leo's eyes were grey when I got him (8 weeks) they are still grey, but in some lights see a bit of brown/yellow tint..
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Jude has a jade eyes (that color reminds me of Japanese's jade.)
Tavish has a inside yellow/gold mostly and outside of his eyes are light green. WHen i first got Tavish and it was yellow/gold. THen i re checked his eyes and it has green outside of his eyes that i havent seen before. Look like Jude gave some green to Tavish.
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Inka's are golden brown, Maya's are light green(beautiful!!!!)
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My kitties are varying shades of gold, from a rich gold to rootbeer.
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Marbles - Gold green
Trouble - Yellow gold
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Rocky~ Golden
Fluffy~ bright green
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All blue[Siamese]
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Max has green/gold eyes.
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Ivo's are green with a little gold.
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All three are bright gold and both dogs' are brown.
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There are alot of kitties with gold eyes! That is the most popular color of eyes in domestic cats! Mimis two Siamese girls will probably have ice blue eyes and the black boys will have gold and green eyes. I can't wait!
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Cooper - Green

Jack - Brown (Like Honey)
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Kitty has green eyes
Lucky has gold eyes
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Echo: golden yellow
Tiki: sky blue
Bud: yellowish green...They are times where his eyes are really green and it usually when he first wakes up.
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