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My Neighbor Was Murdered!

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My neighbor who lives a bit down the street was murdered at his work on Friday. Some nut job ex employee shot him and another worker at his work.

You may have seen the story on the news,2933,396464,00.html

I heard the story on Friday but didn't know it was a neighbor until yesterday, when the news vans started showing up.

He leaves a wife & 4 children. I don't really know him or the family very well, though I did work at a supermarket with his son for a short time a few years ago.

This is so tragic for the family, they have had a constant stream of visitors for the last few days, so it seems they have a good support system of family and friends at least.
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That's terrible!!
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That is so horrible! That poor family!
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That's horrible
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That's aweful Many vibes headed that way for the family
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OMG that is so horrible. I'm so sorry.
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How tragic for the family.
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How tragic for both of the victims & their families!
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Wow, that is scary! I feel so bad for the family! How sad!
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That is sooo sad! for the family!
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Oh my gosh, I saw that on the news.

What a terrible tragedy for both families.
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Just last week the same thing happened at a gas station my friends and I go to all the time. We heard that there was a shooting there. Some guy got fired, and he didn't like it, so he came back the next day and shot an employee 6 times. That gas station was a family owned business, and the guy that died was the owner's nephew, and a cashier's boyfriend. We went in the next day to say how sorry we were, and to offer our support. It was horrible how much pain we could see in the owner's eyes. I can't believe that things like this happen this often!
I'm so sorry, stormy.
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That is awful. I'll be keeping the families of those poor men in my thoughts.
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OMG, I live lik 10 mins away from where that happened. Somebody came into my work that day and told me about it, he works there. He said the guy wanted a day off to go to the Flyers game. He was told he was needed that day and couldn't take off. He went anyway & got fired. Then he went and shot his boss and another employee. I was just telling a customer today at work that I feel for their families.. It is such a shame that they have to go thru something like this.
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OMG! I saw this one the news! to you, your other neighbors! So glad that you are okay.
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How awful!

I wonder if crimes like this happen more during difficult economic times

The poor families How can someone live to be 54, then just randomly be shot one day by some senseless act of's crazy. At least they seem to have a good support system.
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Originally Posted by KristyKitty View Post
I wonder if crimes like this happen more during difficult economic times
Statistically, that's very much the case! And not just with this kind of revenge crime, which requires some mental instability on the part of the shooter, but all sorts of crime. Where I live, it's incredibly obvious if you watch the local news regularly. Over the past few years, violent crime has spread out of the "bad parts of town" and into the suburbs and nice residential areas. I can't believe they can even get anybody to work the night shift at a convenience store anymore -- not a day goes by that a clerk or two isn't shot. And sometimes the shooters are women or children.

And we've had so many bank robberies around here! Often, the perpetrators are ordinary law-abiding people who lost their jobs, became desperate, and stepped over the line.

I'm not excusing crime at all -- but I do understand the rage of people who live in fear of losing their homes or not being able to feed their kids, while the top 2% of Americans wallow in wretched excess... and Exxon makes the highest quarterly profit ever in the history of American business while people are losing their jobs because they can't afford the gas to get to work. It's no wonder people are driven to extremes.
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...... that´s awful my friend....
I´m sorry about that family....
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I agree with KristyKitty and CarolPetunia. It seems that in these tough economic times people are getting desperate and feel there is no other option for them to do some of the crazy things they do. I have actually been afraid at my work a few times. One of the reasons I'm trying to go into business for myself as a music lessons teacher.

I feel for the families of the men who were shot, but also for the man who did the shooting. What he did was definitely wrong and I hope he is able to save his soul.
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