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Teddy too Rough

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My Teddy will be 1 in October. When he plays, he is always too rough and quickly gets put in the garage on his own. I have tried ignoring him as soon as he starts being rough, but this doesnt work as he then goes for my feet. I have tried saying a quick firm "NO!" or "UH UH!" but this just makes him angry and he talks back to me. I have also tied rewarding him when he plays gentle (which is very rare) but this hasnt worked either. He got my lip the other day and i dont want him to get any more violent. Does any one have any advice?
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Do you "play rough" with him when playing? I think doing that could result in him biting/scratching more aggressively.

I have also read (on this site) that if he scratches or bites too hard, you can cry out "ow!!" loudly so that he knows he has hurt you. Cats understand this and then know to be more gentle next time.

I'm not sure about putting him in the garage, because cats don't really learn by punishment. Also, letting him in the garage could result in a lost kitty if someone opens the door to the garage w/o knowing there's a kitty in there. That is how I lost my kitty Rahja for 2 months. We thought he was gone forever, after searching for him and putting ads in the paper and everything, and still no kitty. It was also winter in wisconsin then. He thankfully found his way back after 2 months, we were very lucky, but he was very sick and skinny. But he's better now.

But the point is I wouldn't want your kitty to get lost, you should keep him indoors at all times. Sorry I can't be of more help, I'm sure others here know more about aggressive cats.
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When I had this issue with my little Sport, I was conveniently at the vet and asked him how to handle the situation. He told me to scream, howl, yell so the neighborhood could hear me, for that is the language that cats understand. Think about how he would sound if he were being attacked. In short...scare the crap out of them. It is not inhumane, it's a learning experience. If they do not get scared, they will never learn. Well, it worked. It took three times for me to get the point across, but it works !!!

Peace, Love and Tie Dye ,
Rob & Sport
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