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Flower's First Birthday Party! (Pic heavy)

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My little baby turned one yesterday! I took in Patience the end of July last year, very pregnant, and it was yesterday, Aug 2nd, that she gave birth to six beautiful kittens. I adopted all of them out but Flower because she was so attached to her mom. I threw a little party for her last night to celebrate, but we have to do the photo album first! =D

I'm born today!

Earliest foray into camouflage:

One week old! Flower's always been against the flow. (Note: I didn't line them up this way, I found them like this.):

Three weeks old:

Four weeks old:

Seven weeks old, still against the flow, kissing mommy's head:

Nine weeks old:

Such a pretty face:

Her nose has been getting blacker and blacker as she's gotten older. She wants to show you:

Youtube Video chasing her tail, five months old!

Her favorite place this winter, warming her shaved belly from being spayed:
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Birthday party! Everyone gets a whale-shaped catnip cookie!

Keeps them busy:

The birthday girl herself! She's always so ladylike:

But on birthdays, she will do silly photo faces. Crazy catnip pose!

Happy birthday, Flower!
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, Flower!

you grew up into a real beauty!
& here's your present... look familiar?
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Aw, she's precious! Happy Birthday, Flower!!!!

You should enter that photo of the sleeping kitten pile in the February TCS calendar contest-- or maybe the one with Flower kissing mama on the head!
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Aw happy birthday summer!
Jess x
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Oh I didn't know that contest was still running! I'll pick something out, I'd feel bad about entering that photo though since I still only have one of those six kittens. They belong to other loving families now!

And thanks everyone for your comments. We had a great birthday. =)
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Happy Birthday Flower!!!!! You're such a gorgeous girl!!!
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Happy Birthday flower
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