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Everything is turning sour.

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Life has been so unbearably difficult lately, and as I talk to so few people about it, I feel really alone. When I DO talk to anyone about it, I feel guilty. My relationship is falling apart, and I feel like everything is going with it.

There's nothing more I can do, other than hope for the best. I just wanted to get this off my chest, and ask you guys to cross your fingers for me.
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Good luck! I shall send you good vibes.

Things will look up; everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. Right? =) Well, it's kind of stupid, but.. it's getting me by right now!
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I really appreciate it, Fiery. You don't know how much it means to know that someone cares, even if it's someone you don't really know.

It's not really the end that I'm afraid of. I've just been through so much emotional torment, and it's gone on for so long now. I just don't want any more It's getting harder, and harder to keep it together. I feel like there's no way around it at this point. It's just not up to me anymore, and that sucks the most.
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What was that saying.. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said that. Could be wrong, but.. hey.

Things will look up. You always have a choice in the matter, unless you're strung up to the ceiling of a tower and someone brings you bread crumbs and won't let you go! While some things may be out of your control, you can still move forward. As long as you're not standing still and are going somewhere, things can look up. And they will. =) Just give it time.

Hugs, dude. We all have rough times; don't worry about how bad or good yours is, because it's all relative to your experience.

I hope things look up soon! Have a chocolate icecream bar, the blue bunny kind; those are sugar-free and low calorie, so it's hard to feel guilty about that! Heehee.
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I really needed to hear that. Sometimes I get so caught up in situations, I forget really important things. Thank you so much.

I'm gonna have to pass on the ice cream for now, when I get really stressed out I get really nauseous. o.o

I asked one of my friends over for company, and I took some pictures of my dear gorilla to cheer me up. I'll post them as soon as they load.
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It will be okay!!

I don't know your situation, but things will get better. And you shouldn't ever feel guilty talking about your problems to people. You can't go through difficult life changes without anyone there to lean on for support. I'm glad you're reaching out to people on TCS. Even though it's just online, people can be really supportive and helpful here.

I am going through some emotional situations right now too. I am at home so I lean on my parents a lot when I'm scared. And my kitties help SO much. Just cuddling with them and petting them is very soothing. I also find Rahja's attitude to be quite inspiring. He just doesn't care about anything! He knows he'll be fed, petted, and that he is pretty much the center of the universe. He isn't worried! Sometimes I think I would be better off just emulating Rahja's take on life.

Sending vibes to you! and hugs Hang in there, even if it takes time, you will heal and it will get better. And don't be afriad to vent here at the forum, I'm sure we'll be more than willing to help!
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The bad news about relationships is that they come and they go, and they wring us out no matter what happens.

And, unfortunately, Job had it right when he said, "Man is born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward." It's just nature.

That doesn't make it feel any better while it's happening. I hope your next relationship is much more rewarding and permanent, if that's what you want.

I saw your pics of Gorilla, and he (?) is a gorgeous cat. There's nothing like a soft purr in the middle of the night to make you feel better.
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I'm glad you came to the site, and very glad someone was here when you needed her. I hope everything starts looking up for you soon.
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Things seem to be a little better today (hope it sticks!), thank you all so much for your kind words, and support.
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Everything will work out for you in the end honey, we can promise you that!

Keep your head high!
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I'm glad that things are feeling better for you.

Whatever happens, remember that you DO have the power to change it. If some things in your life are making you really unhappy, such as relationships, you CAN change them. It doesn't mean that the change will always be easy, but you will be doing it to improve your life.

Here's some sunshine to brighten your day
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