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Tundra suddenly sleeping A LOT!

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Over the last 2-3 days Tundra has been sleeping most of the day. His brother is walking around mewing because he has noone to play with like he used to.
I have reduced the Kitten Chow dry mix and added wet Fancy Feast in the morning and evening feedings. They share 1/2 a 3oz. can in both feedings and have seemed to really like this. They do not leave much food behind.

I did notice that Tacoma was constantly wanting to play fight with his bother who would be relaxing in a cat nap and then suddenly get pounced on. When one of us is sitting, here comes Tundra to lay on us to get a snooze in. He does not have any interest in the toys that we have bought. Every now and again he'll swat at a ping pong ball but then loses interest. One of us will end up playing with Tacoma a while longer so that he is not lonely.
Any thoughts on this. Am I just beginning to see their true personalities?
They are both used to the house now, maybe Tundra does to have the need to explore as much anymore. He just wants to snuggle on someone.
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You haven't said how old he is, or much else at all about him, but I would check with the vet, because there are various illnesses, some blood related, that could cause him to want to sleep a lot.
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Yes you should definitely take him to the vet! Also if he is eating heartily, especially, the wet, you could give them both a little more because kittens eat and need much more food than an adult cat.
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I would definitely take him to the vet. A rapid change in behavior such as that almost always says that something is wrong. I'm sure your kitten will be alright, but it is always worth the trip to the vet. Best of luck !!

Rob & Sport
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Sorry to read that Tundra is not feeling well. It really is best for him to be checked by your vet. I have a kitten also. They are a bundle of energy and the change in behavior like that does need attention.

Ask your vet about how much they should be eating per day. I know kittens need more food. Some recommed feeding 3 to 4 times in a day in addition to leaving dry food out so they can nibble.

Please let us know how things go.
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I agree with the above advice, and I hope if there is something wrong that she feels better soon and is back to her old self.
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I would add more wet food to begin with because kittens should be fed as much as they will eat. My 3 1/2 month olds eat enormous amounts of food. I feed them about 4 times a day as much as they will eat. They are still thin as kittens tend to be but are growing and active.
I would also take him to the vet to make sure he is okay. Since he is eating it probably is nothing or nothing too serious but a change in behavior is always a reason to get them checked. Especially the little ones.
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Just wanted to give an update.
Tundra had an infection but was nothing serious. The vet gave me antibiotics to bring down the fever. Both kittens are doing so well now, you know fighting, biting each others' tails, knocking over stuff
They seem to be growing very fast!!
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