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I'm having fun!

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While at PETCO, I saw laser toys at the checkout and couldn't resist buying one. Rowdy is going nuts, with it. Buddy goes after it, a bit and Opie is afraid of it.

Truth be told ,I am having more fun , than the cats! I've had Rowdy running around in circles and bobbing her head up and down. Wish that I had a video camers!
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LOL!! Maybe I'll get one for my kitty! It's a great way to give them exercise even if you're tired!
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They are the best cat toys ever! I like seeing how high they will jump to catch it. For a little kitty, Max sure gets a lot of air.
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We tried to use a laser light to play with Snowball and it really seemed like he wasn't able to see the light.
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My three just love lazer pointers!! They chase it until they're so pooped they can hardly move. It's so much fun!
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my cats LOVE lazer toys, but we really have to pace them! Neo will play so hard he will get out of breath and just lay there and pant. So we have to be careful about how long we let them play! Moemoe is sooooooo awesome to watch. He can actually run half way up the wall to try to cacth it!
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Spike also loves his laser pointer... he knows it as the "red dot" and will look for it if I ask him where it is. I had to limit his playtime with it as a baby, as he used to run himself out of breath.
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That really sounds like fun!! I must see if they're available here . . .I use a torch at the moment, Ferdy and Balie love chasing the light, Fifi looks at me disdainfully and refuses to co-operate.
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Roo and Tigger are the very same way. Tigger will chase it up a wall and so funny to hear her little paws hitting the wall or fridge. Roo will run in circles on the couch and scare any visitors. They don't think he has it in him until they see, but I don't warn them, hee hee.
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4 of my 5 love their laser. Pepperpot doesn't even see it - I think she is colour blind!
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3 out of my 5 love their"s and it is so funny ! Grayski My youngest know's what it is when I pick it up and he startes this little sounds and then looks for it to start and when I stop,he still looks around for it!
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Mine aren't crazy about the laser toys. Leo was afraid of it. He would lay on his back and put his paws over his eyes until we put it away.
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When my cats were small the laser pointer was a hoot, but now they only play with it a little bit. But, it's still fun.
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My Leo and Roxy love the laser toy!! It is the best, they jump chase climb to get it, go in circles...Leo jumps as high as the peep hole on the door to catch it (kinda walking on the wall it's so funny, we show guests and they are amazed, especially the non-cat people ones!!)! we keep it on a key chain hanging on the wall, when ever we go there and they hear us pick it up they come running and looking for it, before we start palying with it (ie-no light yet!)!
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Tavish loves laser toy more than Jude does. Once I point it to Jude's tail and Tavish jumped on his tail. :LOL: I only allow them to play for about half hour. I feel that it's enough.

i haven't take laser toy out of my drawer for a couple of months. I think i ll check it out today! thanks for reminding me!
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One of my guy friends has a little Westie Terrier dog. Anyway, his mom and I are friends, too, and she and I always start cracking jokes whenever we're together. Well, apparently the dog loves the laser toy. So, one day, his mom got it out and started shining it on my friends' socks and the dog started attacking his feet!!

We had such a good laugh, watching him run away from this tiny little Terrier doggie while his mom shone the laser on his socks!!!!! LOL
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Some of my litter will play with them and some won't. Maple though loves it, she'll play so hard until either I'm laughing so hard I have to pee or she get hot and starts to pant. If only we could have so much fun chasing a magicial dot. Dali
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