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Have You Ever Noticed....

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That whenever one of your cats are in one of those 'cute' poses, they take off whenever you haul out the camera to take their pic?

Chiquita stuffed herself into an empty 12-pack Pepsi box earlier today, with only her head sticking out. It was sooo cute! But as soon as I hauled out the camera, off she went! It happens just about every time I catch them in a cute pose -- or when they're playing, and I try to take a video of them..
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Always. That or the camera battery dies. I had plenty of pictures of the boys snuggling, who knows at this point if I'll be able to recover them. But just last night they were laying in their basket together. Sho had climbed in earlier and Tomas came along and decided to play blanket - stretching out on top of him. As soon as I got up to hunt for the camera Sho decided he'd had enough and moved.
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Oh yes! I've had them either scamper off, or the battery be dead in the camera.

Last night though I got Katina Rob and I were playing Cat-opoly, and she laid in the box right above the word "Cat-opoly" ... so there's a picture of her stretched out in the box with the word below her We also took a video of her trying to play it with us! She's flinging the dice everywhere, jumping on the board batting the pieces around, etc. I'll be posting it in pics & vids whenever I upload them
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Whenever I try and get pictures of Brandy when he poses, he normally runs to the back door to be let out
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Mine always do that!!!
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Yup it happens all the time
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