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Weird cat

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Hey so I was at the beach the other day and I saw a magic show act that involved a really cute but strange cat. It was very small...like kitten small but the owner told me he was almost fully grown. He had very faint purple/bluish stripes running along his back and I was told the pharoahs in Egypt would breed these cats for the stripes. The cat was ordered online for $6,000 and it was so friendly. It sat on the owners shoulder for the longest time and they let me hold it for a few minutes. It had short fur and was pure white except for the stripes on its back. If anyone has any idea what kind of cat this was it'd be awesome if you could let me know. Thanks!
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$6,000?!! Holy !!!
I've never heard of anything like it. I have an email in my inbox about painted cats though. I saw a book on it once, cant remember what the title was though. Its pretty fantastic though. I just googled it, the book is Why Paint Cats
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Alright thanks a ton. Ya $6,000 is a lot to spend on a cat but it was so cute. At the end of the show it was so tired so it slept up on a stool with the red dissapearing blanket wrapped around it so only its tiny white head was poking out Oh and it was not painted. The colors on its back were natural which was very strange.
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I don't know much about particular breeds, let alone ones that cost $6000 That's crazy. I don't like to think of cats having a certain dollar value, kitties are really priceless to me!

MonaxLisa--I didn't get the feeling the OP meant painted cats. Because he said the cats were bread for their stripes, like they were born with them, not painted. I have seen pictures of those painted cats online though, I was like whoa! They were pretty, but strange. I wondered if they had to anesthetize the cat to paint it, and if the paint was bad for the cat, because the kitty could eat some of it when he is cleaning himself. I don't think cats would like being painted.

edit--oh he already said they weren't painted, whoops.
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