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Montauk Monster

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If anyone here lives on Long Island NY (like me) i'm sure you watched the news and heard about the Montauk Monster. It washed up on the beach in Montauk and nobody knows what it is.

Jeff Corwin thinks it's a decomposing body of a raccoon. Some think it is some sort of creature from Plum Island which is an animal research lab and located very close to where this washed up. And some say it's a hoax.

To me it looks like a plucked chicken with teeth, but it could very well just be a decomposed raccoon or fox who died at the beach and was in the water for a few days.

Youtube video on it.
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It looks like a turtle without its shell to me. The mouth is what makes me think that.
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I'm certain it's not a turtle for many reasons.

#1 Turtles shells are connected to there spine. Remove the shell and a huge chunk of flesh will be missing.

#2 Turtles dont have teeth. They have beaks but not teeth like that.

#3 Turtles are reptiles and have scales, that creature is smooth and has some hair.

#4 The tail is also too long for a turtles.
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Grill it up!
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The shape of the ears and the hindquarters reminded me of a pig. The teeth kind of seemed like those a pig might have.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Grill it up!
oooooooooooh yuck
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I agree.
I'm NOT coming to that barbque!
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I'm pretty sure it's a Raccoon now. I found a larger image, and can see a patch of tanish hair with a black stripe. Someone who does taxidermy and had to skin a raccoon said this looks like a raccoon exactly with no hair, and the nasal cavity must have been eaten revealing the front of the jaw. Plus the front paws are webbed like a raccoons.

Now I feel bad it's being called a monster.
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What ever it is, I say its deformed. It looks like a mammal - not reptile at all. I can see canine teeth on the bottom but the top looks deformed. Perhaps that is why it died - could not eat correctly.

Looks like a bit of skin left - not enough to really tell the rest. Someone had to skin it - decomposed would not have have the body/skin in such good shape. Its been skinned before dumped.
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