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Finally have my new kitty cat ^_^

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He's here, and he's adorable! ^_^ My little fellow is so cute! He's still shy to be touched, extremely active, and so pretty and fluffy!

Now I have a to do list: switch him from dry food to a proper quality wet food, (how do I do this, and which foods should I look at switching him to?) and get him aquainted and used to being held by me since he's a long haired cat and he needs grooming daily, and tear spots I have to clean. :/

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Hello & welcome to tcs. I believe its safe to switch to wet food, its dry you have to be carefull of & do it gradually. Give him time to settle in & somewhere he can be by himself if he wants to be. As for grooming, if you give him lots of patting with your hand & then a baby soft brush. I have found a comb with rotating teeth to be more accepted by Blossom.
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Yay!! He sounds so adorable. And welcome to TCS!

aww, tear spots. Is that from your kitty or you? I hope they were happy tears if they were from you.

Oh and we expect pictures soon! (well not really but if you have any that would be awesome )
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Cool !!! Glad you finally got him. He will bring endless joy to your life

Peace ,
Rob & Sport
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Here's some piccies of my new boy! ^_^ Some of them are out of focus but the rest are okies. So exciting having a kitty!

Question: my poor baby keeps crying at night, often keeping me awake. Is this just a response to being in a strange environment at night.

His previous owner was keeping him and sibs in a cage at night so their adult cats could roam the house for awhile too.
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He is adorable...and he has the same fish toy that Samson has...

It will take him a few days to adjust to his new surroundings....his crying is probably just his way of wondering where his sibs went. He'll settle down in a few days.

The crying at night.....again, just be patient, give him lots of hugs and soothing words...he will calm down and start feeling more comfortable with you before long.

For food, he should be on a kitten formula because it contains more calories and nutrients that kittens need. Mine liked the Wellness kitten was easy to eat and must have tasted good. There are other kitten premium brands too. You might have to try a few to see what he prefers. Try to stick with the better brands...then you know that he's getting lots of good protein and things he needs to start off, and stay, healthy.

Good luck with your new kitty....he's just so precious!
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Congrats on your new family member. I know you already love him so much.

Here is a link with lots of info to use as a reference. This vet was a guest expert on the forum recently.

Do you have him sleeping in your bedroom? Some like their cats to sleep on the bed and some don't. A personal preference, but it may comfort him and keep him from being lonely at night. could adopt one of his siblings and give him someone to play with and keep him company when you're not there. Kittens do love to roll and tumble then nap together.

He is a real cutie. Look forward to hearing more about him.
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He's darling!

How old is he? And as the others have said, he is probably missing his mom and sibbies... and it's a strange environment... so he will need time to adjust...
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What a handsome boy. A real cutie. Best wishes. Enjoy every minute with him.
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He's adorable Congratulations! I have a new kitty too and he sleeps right near my head at night and he has since my DH found him at 5 weeks old, he is fine and no crying at night
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I have a new found one as well, one that adopted us 4 weeks ago. Kittens are so cute and funny. Yours is a doll.
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He's just starting his 11th week of life. I'd keep him in the bedroom with me but he doesn't always sleep during the night and when he's awake he wakes me up with playing and licking me and pouncing on my toes.

He is a charmer though, and he's totally started sitting in my lap. I'm gonna have a lap cat. XD
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He's probably crying cause he's missing his siblings. Is he an only cat? If so, you might consider adopting a 2nd buddy if you can.

He looks more Maine Coonish then Persian, so he probably won't need daily grooming - just 2-3 times a week. Be sure to get his belly and under the legs/arms - that where it will tangle more.

Good that you will start him young on a grooming routine so you don't have problems in the future. Pick out a small table and teach him to stand/sit on there when grooming instead of your lap - its a LOT easier to do when he's full grown and is standing on a table to be groomed Use a fine-toothed and medium toothed comb on him - NOT brushes.

He's adorable, pretty brown tabby/white. Is he neutered yet? He can be any time - don't wait till he's older, get him done now.
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