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Nakita Pics -------- For Cassandra Star !!!

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Oooh oooh please please post more The more pictures you post, the closer I come to convincing my s/o to get us a Russian Blue kitty without having to toilet train my current three
Really, I'm posting these two pics for Cassandra to convince her S/O !!!! Happy to help you out...from Kass to Cassandra!!

(sorry, had to remove pics!)
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Beautiful pic's Kass!!!!!
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Nakita, you are one beautiful kitty!!!
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Very pretty cat!
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I had never seen a Russian Blue before I came to this site. Nakita is such a gorgeous and unique cat - I just love seeing pictures of her! Keep 'em coming!
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Sigh, I'm think I'm in love. Kass thank you so much. I don't think I've ever seen such a lovely cat!
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Ok I am convinced that Nakita is a stuffed animal!!! So photogenic!
Again, he should be in pictures, on the big screen
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Gosh Kass

Those eyes are mesmerizing! Do Russian Blues come in long-hair?
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Aww... im happy now. I saw Nakita
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Originally posted by hissy
Do Russian Blues come in long-hair?
Hissy, the long haired versian of a Russian Blue is called a Nebelung. Here is a link to pics of some Nebelung cats:


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Nakita allways has the sweetest expresion on her face!
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!!Yay, I love Nakita pics!!
She's so beautiful and photogenic! And so striking with those gorgeous eyes and sleek lines.
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what an amazing kitty!!! Looks like a model!
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We need a Nakita Diary thread with all Nakita Pics!! Encore! Encore!!!

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Ah, makes my day to see Nakita pics! Thank you for the fix Kass!
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Nakita is too cute for her own good!
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Once again I am amazed by her beauty!
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She is so beautiful!! We Nakita!!!

Wow those Nebelungs look a lot like two kitties we have here - Peedoodle and Sam! Learn something new every day - thanks for the link Kass.
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she is probably one of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen!! more pics more pics...

every time I see more pics I want a nikita of my own!!!!!
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Coco Maui wrote:
Ok I am convinced that Nakita is a stuffed animal!!! .....

LOL!!!!! She does look so perfect that it makes you wonder.....


And Kass - I LOVE the idea of a Nakita diary! What a great idea!!!!

...and just remember, whenever you're feeling blue, just post pics of Nakita, and the compliments will pick you right up.

Oh look - I made a pun! Didn't even mean to....

...almost forgot one last thing...thanks for the link. The Nebelungs are gorgeous too!!!!

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Nakita is beautiful, and you take great pics of her!
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I just saw this thread!!! Nakita is SO beautiful!! I never get tired of looking at her!
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Her eyes are amazing. She seems to love the camera, too.
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She's Gorgeous.. Congratulations Also From my little Bi-Color persian Holly whos purring away on my knee

Sam and Friends
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