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Im still around...vibes please

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Hey guys!! I have not been around much lately, alot due to not having internet at home.....just wanna kinda share some news with ya all.

I recently had a "pap" done and it was I had to have a colposcopy done yesterday(OUCH!!!) and the dr. saw a spot she didnt like so she took a biopsy(double ouch!!)

Anyways, would you all send some vibes that if its cancer, we caught it in time!!!

When I know something I will let ya all know!!!
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Prayers for you.
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Oh so sorry to hear all the news! Sending lots of vibes that it isn't cancer - and if it is, that you caught it in plenty of time!

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Ack, that you got it in time!
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one of my cousins had an abnormal PAP & had to have a conization of the cervix done... it was nothing. i think the doctors are just ultracareful to check out abnormalities, especially w/the treatable cancers.
that it's actually nothing - just your own body's 'weirdness'...
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The same thing happened to me a couple years back. I had an abnormal pap, went in for colposcopy, and they had to take a biopsy. I wasn't prepared for how much it hurt, and I almost passed out! (this was also due to anxiety and the fact I hadn't eaten all day). But it ended up turning out fine. My paps have all been normal now.

If you haven't yet, you should take some time and research the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and how it can lead to displasia and cancer (but not usually). And there is a vaccine you can get (Gardasil) which you've probably seen commercials for.

But it's probably fine, I'm sending vibes to you though just in case, try not to worry!
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Oh gosh - I sure hope it's nothing serious! I'll be sending plenty of vibes your way for a good outcome!

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Hoping it's nothing, or something easy to fix that will never bother you again!
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Sending positive vibes your way.
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for you!
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for you. I bet it turns out to be nothing of concern, but if it is the dreaded C it sounds like it was caught very early, and that is definatly a good thing.
A good reminder to all us, guys and gals to go get the business checked out, uncomfortable as it is.
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Many vibes headed your way sweetheart
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