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Anyone seen Debby lately?

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It is just me or has Debby disappeared? Usually she's on everyday in the early evenings...Hope everything is ok? I'm sure Baby Amber is keeping her super busy!
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She pops in and out and we've swapped a couple of e-mails, this week.
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She is doing okay. Just not as much computer time as she used to enjoy.
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Thats what I figured...I just miss her posts. Debby dear if you're reading this...YOU'RE TERRIBLY MISSED!
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We miss you Debby!!!
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You are missed Debby! (This is not to make you feel guilty either... we understand. )
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw this and it not only made my whole week that you care so much if I am here or not, but it made me cry!!!

THANK YOU!!!!! For caring, for being my friends, and for everything you all give me.....friendship, love, support....it means so much...I am going through a very rough time in my life right now...and sometimes I have considered (very briefly) giving up TCS...because I just don't have the time anymore to spread myself so thin, so much to do, and so little time to do it...and hubby is very jealous of the time I spend online, he doesn't realize I have friends here and that I care about what goes on with them and in their lives on a daily basis....but after considering giving this up, I just could NOT do it.......I can give up alot of things...but not you guys....you are all like family to me.....I just wish I had more time to get to know the newer people here.

Thank you Shell and everyone who posted....it meant alot to me...more than you will ever know!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for missing me!!!! I miss you all too!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for lifting my spirits, Shell....I started to think I am pretty worthless here. I wish I could be on more.
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If this board life is creating conflicts in your real life, although you would be sorely missed, I would understand if you need to leave for awhile. I am fortunate that Mike is not upset with my computer time, and I make sure to make time for him during the day. I don't know if I had a baby as well, if I could do all that you seem to be able to do.

So you just take care of your here and now, and when you vanish we will try not to worry and will hopefully remember this post.
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Aww Debby I wish you weren't going through such tough times. You come across as one of the sweetest people here, if not THE sweetest! I agree with Hissy that you should do whatever is best for you - you need to take care of yourself first. (Well. . . maybe that comes after posting more Amber pics! )
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Awww thanks Sunni!!!!!!! You seem pretty sweet yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hissy...I may need some time away....but not right now....at this point in my life I need this place too much to give it up....and Hissy...you are one of the main reasons I stay here!
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Stick around, Debby. Where else can you get all of this therapy, for free?
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