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Picnic ideas!

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Hi everyone

I'm going to a Van Morrison concert tonight and it's open air in the grounds of a mansion - so the idea is we can take a picnic :-)

Shame it's forecast to rain! We are taking some kind of open front tent too

I need some picnic food ideas please, something that won't go bad if it gets a bit warm.....
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I loved Van morrison when I was a teen ager.... That was a long time ago! Have a great time!!!
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hi Jessy,
long time no see!
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Fried chicken is always good later. We used to take it on every picnic we went on.
Sandwiches on french bread.
Whole fruit instead of fruit salad.
Pasta salad.
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wow, Van Morrison, sounds like fun!!!

I dont have any good ideas for picnic foods but some sort of sandwich would probably be nice. If you bring whole fruit make sure you bring something to wipe your hands on so youre not sticky.
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How about some nice cheeses and good bread or crackers. Fruit in season would be good.
Or tomatoes,basil,mozzarella cheese on skewers ??
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Packet of brownies lol

Have u got anything u can bring to keep food cool , we used mini pop bottles , put them in the fewer hours a few hours before filled with water , it kept the food nice and the journy home , we all had nice cold fresh water

Sandwhiches well wrapped , salad may go soggy if not eating in a while.. or packed properly , fruit..

Also like said before wet wipes are great at a pinic! and tea towel for spilliages lol!

I love picnics (can u tell )
Jess x
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So how was the concert? Van Morrison in a tent in the rain... it sounds so romantic!
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Hello everyone, thanks for your suggestions, the concert was awesome!

I'll be using some of those suggestions again this weekend as we're going to V festival:

I'm so excited!
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