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Remember me my 9 week old Persian die R.I.P!!!  

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I pick him up this last wednesday from the breeder here in FL, the first night he looked like he was fine, but yesterday morning I notice there was something wrong with him he could not use the litter box and his pipi around for some reason look like it was bleeding very estrange, he was very uncomfortlabe and never eat and he had hard time pooping, hes paws were really cold and I was trying to keep him warm but today he just did not make it, i think he had a hard attack, everything is so strange and weird he only last it 48 hours my heart is broken , but if he was suffering now he is in a better place god bless my little romeo......

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Ahh...sorry for you loss! He was very cute....
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Originally Posted by SportBikeMike View Post
Ahh...sorry for you loss! He was very cute....
i posted in Romeo's bridge thread... but i think you should know [for future reference] that good breeders rarely adopt out their kittens prior to 12 weeks of age.
you should also be due for a refund, since you contacted the breeder for assistance when he was ill & she wasn't any help.
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I agree. Most Breeders wait until they are older. I am on a waiting list for a kiten and they were born last week. I have to wait until November to get it. So sorry he died. I would write the breeder.
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That is so very sad Maybe I'm just emotional right now, but I feel about ready to cry. What a sweet little kitty, and he hadn't even begun to live.

I agree that you should contact the breeder. I think there is a way for someone to autopsy the body to figure out what happened, but I'm not sure where that would be or how much it would cost.

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sure he is at the rainbow bridge now though, and isn't suffering anymore.
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RIP Little One
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I´m so sorry for your loss...
RIP to him...
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Oh how sad.
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I am so sorry , he was beautiful .
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How sad, I am so sorry for your loss. Your kitty was a sweet little baby. RIP Romeo

You need to contact your breeder right away. There should be something that can be done.

My thoughts and prayers are with you
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That is terribly sad. It brings tears to my eyes. I only welcomed you to the forum yesterday. I hope you get in touch with the breeder & they do the right thing by you. RIP little Romeo.
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RIP little Romeo...

I am so sorry for your loss..

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Since your baby has gone to the bridge, I'm going to close this thread in this forum. When you feel ready, start a thread in the Crossing the Bridge forum so everyone can pay tribute to your sweet baby.
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