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What color is Sprout?

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Can someone here tell me what his color/markings would be called? He was described by his former owners as a "Seal Point Blue Sphynx" . I would call him a black tuxedo cat, minus hair! What do you think? Sorry about the quality of the photos.

This one is under different lighting. He really was sleeping upside-down like that under his blankie!
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Seems to me like it's a black and white Sphynx. Maybe it's the pictures but the eyes don't look blue to me (a colorpoint always has blue eyes), they look yelow/orange.

There actuarally is no color called seal point blue. A cat is either seal point (black/brown point) or blue point. Obviously the previous owner also forgot about the white spotted part because there's no doubt about that cat being white spotted.

Here's a blue point with white Sphynx:

This is a seal point with white:

This one is black and white:

This one is blue and white:
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Thank you, that was very helpful! I knew it didn't make any sense to call him a seal point blue, but I didn't know that colorpoints always have blue eyes. Very interesting!

From the example photos you posted, I'd say he's black and white too. Thanks again!
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Any "pointed" cat would have blue eyes. I was told you basically tell the color of sphynx by the little bit of fur that is on the face/nose. So in your case, the cat would be a black and white.

Only reason they added "blue" was the body looks blue - but if he had hair all over, he'd be a black and white
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Looks black and white to me.
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