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Naughty Bobby and Despairing parents need your help...

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I have two cats, brother and sister, Bobby and Betty. Betty is as good as gol with her toilet habits and always uses her tray or goes outside. However her brother is a bit naughty and frequently doesn't use his tray.

Sometimes, Bobby goes in the tray normally. Sometimes Bobby does it on the floor next to the tray. We have even seen him pretend to dig a hole on the kitchen floor, do his business and then pretend to cover it up. He has never poo'd more than three feet away from his tray. It is frustrating, because we have sometimes seen him go perfectly in his tray and given him a positive response, a treat or something. We do find it tends to happen when no one else except Betty is in the house. Any ideas guys?

Kind regards,

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My cats will sometimes go outside the litter box when it's not perfectly clean, or clean enough to their liking, lol. My one kitty Juzon seems to be very particular about this. She likes a nice clean litter box! Otherwise she'll find another place...like a bed, to poop in, naughty kitty!

I would suggest that if you have 2 kitties, get 2 litter boxes. That way he can choose between the 2 and give him more options. It's good that he's at least going NEXT to the litter box, maybe he just doesn't want to go IN it if it's full of another kitty's poo, or just isn't clean enough for him. Some kitties are just really picky!

Hope that helps!

Oh, and my kitties often scrape the floor after they poop, or the sides of the litter box, in an effort to cover the poo. It's an instinct they have, they don't seem to understand that there's no litter there, lol.
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If you haven't already tried this...keep picking up the poo (this is true love) and putting it in his tray. Keep doing this over and over again and he will hopefully get the hint. Best of luck to you.

Peace ,
Rob & Sport
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Another thing that might help...sometimes kitties prefer one box to poop in, and one to pee in. So getting a second box might help that, too.

A couple more things:
- Some kitties don't like litter liners.
- Some kitties prefer either hooded or unhooded litterboxes (so try the opposite of how you have them now).
- Most kitties prefer their "potty" to be away from food, water, and their normal sleeping place (think: preferring not to sleep or eat whilst smelling your "business").
- Most kitties prefer their litterboxes be outside of normal traffic areas (think: privacy whilst "going").

Hope those ideas help!

Hugs to you guys,

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Thank you.
We did used to have two litter trays, but it didnt help.
I'll give it a go though. may try and get a hooded one, because the poor little man is a bit sensative.


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If he is in good health then it is a behavioral issue and usually this means they are trying to tell you something.
I would even have 3 boxes. Maybe 2 hooded and one open or visa versa. I would put one in a very private area. It could be that Betty is intimidating him sometimes while he is doing his business.
Cats communicate with each other in so many subtle ways that we aren't privy too. I do think it says something that he only does this when Betty is around.
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Try another box or style of a box and a different litter. I'm assuming they are neutered and spayed????
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