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Husband has OCD need home for new stray kitten in Texas

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I am new to the Forum but I hope someone out there can help or offer suggestions.

The most bouncy active little approx 4 week old kitten I've ever encountered was dumped out a few weeks ago at our home. His litter mate siamese found a home first thing but this orange fluff ball can't be so lucky.

I have other dumped cats and dogs so one more shouldn't hurt right?
My Husband was just diagnosed with OCD and is very ill. The anxiety is taking it's toll on us.I had to move out and can't keep taking animals in. I have 10 acres and a large home with another house so we are ok with the animals we have to care for. My new place is small.

I placed ads, asked friends, begged for help with this cute little guy. He is a doll and loves to sit on your shoulder to purr. He scampers around and loves people. Even My Old English Mastiff got a kiss from him. He is a live wire.

Ft. Worth Humane society has too many just like this and he would be put to death. I am desperate for help finding a home for him as he is isolated from my grown cats and must be confined in the laundry room. Is there a place in North Texas who will take him but find a good home?

Thanks in advance,

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Sally, thank you for your caring heart. I understand your problem. I've got (2) unintentional semi ferals, that have joined my herd on top of 2 earlier ones.

I will probably be stuck with at least 3 of them. 2 were not intentional, one was a rescue gone bad (they returned to me the trapper, the kitten, claiming she was untameable and as soon as I get her, she's a sweetie!), and one rescue from the shelter going to be PTS Snowshoe mix who turned into a lovely boy!

I have hopes I'll place the Snowshoe with Siamese Rescue in a few months (once kitten season fever has died down), and the other one, I guess I'm stuck with her!! And then there's the Grey Intruder who has started to make my home his home much to my cats displeasure. He has been tested for HIV and is positive - I fixed him but had no one to take care of him, even tho
he's quite nice to people. Sigh.

anyway, a suggestion you might not have taken: try on Craigslist - it sometimes works. Also all the vets in town - some take on kittens
for adoption - and a cute orange fuzzy ball like that would probably
get home just by being displayed in a cage. Maybe you could do a deal - you would take him home nights and weekends and he would be "on display" during the daytime. In a busy vet practice, a cute kitten will often be taken by a family that has either a) lost a pet or b) is looking for a second cat.

Just a thought!
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you can post pix here, too - we have several members in your area - check out this thread!
Dallas area meet-up
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