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Curious about breed

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Hello, about 2 years ago I adopted two stray kittens through a shelter. They certainly aren't anywhere near pure breeds, but the girl, Flossie, has some marked features and I'm curious about what her genetic makeup might include. Here are some pictures:

And this is a silly picture, but it shows her tail better:

The boy, Chance, definitely is a tabby, with a spotty belly...domestic shorthair, I would assume?

Thanks so much for your help, I've been wondering for quite a while!
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Flossie looks like she is also a Tabby and my guess would be some Maine Coon somewhere cause of the longer hair and bushy tail. It could be some Persian but her head and ears are not Persian. It also looks like she is a big girl which would go along with Maine Coon. Any other guesses? She is a pretty girl whatever she is
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i would say she was a Domestic Longhair, Brown Patched Tabby.
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Booktigger may be right about Brown Patched Tabby, I thought of that but I didn't see some of the characteristics of Brown Patched. The first picture looks like she is though.
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Brown Tabby - its just different shades but no real red patching to make it a Brown Patched Tabby.

The shorter body and tail remind me of Siberian, or even an American Bobtail rather then a Maine Coon. Looks like the fur is pretty thick and dense too.
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they are cute, that's what they are I love the long bushy tail... Don't know what breed they are, sorry
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The longhair really reminds me of John's (AmbertheBobcat) Pixie Bobs.
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Looks like she has some Maine Coon in her. My Brother had a Maine Coon Mix that looked alot like her.
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