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Don't know what to do???

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Over a month ago I picked up a stray kitten who was pregnant. She gave birth July 1st. Everything with that is great.

The problem is that Mom (Mia) just does not seem to like other cats. I don't know if it is a territorial thing or what. We want to socialize the kittens to hear us and the sounds but I just don't know what to do because our 2 cats are not happy when we let Mia out.

Hissing and growling seem to set Mia off, she goes into attack mode. At first when we let her out of the bedroom she walks and gets used to the house. If she sees one of the other cats she is interested but really just walks by. But if one of them hisses or growls, her hair goes up and she chases after them. We have never let them get contact except for today. She got one of our cats. He ran off. But then he hissed at her again and she ran after him and attacked again.

So what do I do? Lock our cats up to socialize Mia and the kittens or just keep Mia and the kittens locked up in the other bedroom. The kittens are almost 5 weeks old and I know right now this is the important time to socialize them.

Now the funny thing is Mia loves our dogs. She rubs up against them and lays with them. The kittens have even fallen in love with one of our dogs just as this dog is equally smitten with them. I just don't understand what to do with her and my other two cats.

I should also mention these two cats don't even get along with one another. They have just learned to co-exist with one another.

Thank you for any advise and help.

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Have you tried anything listed in the section about introducing cats?

Inroducing Cats to Other Cats

I'm sure it will take a lot of time. I'm not for certain on this, but I would think that since you don't know Mia's history or if she was ever socialized to be around other cats and people, it may take a while. It sounds like she's a pretty friendly kitty and how cute that she has taken a liking to the dogs

It sounds really complicated, you have a new cat with kittens, along with 2 other cats. I would follow the introduction advice, and be sure to spend lots of time with Mia, the kittens, and your other 2 cats. I hope you have other people to help you! And I hope you're going to get Mia spayed.

Sorry I can't be of more help, hopefully someone with more experience can post some more advice.
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My kittens are 4 weeks old and I have yet to really introduce Lucia to the household. I think as long as the kittens are here she is going to be in protective Mama mode. So she stays with the kittens all of the time. When she has escaped it seems she likes everyone. But she is an extremely easygoing friendly cat.
I would keep Mia away and then reintroduce them after a couple of weeks. I would leave it be for the time being because once there is a bad intro it can be hard to erase. I would also take it very slow.
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I would socialize the kittens with your other pets and keep Mia confined. Its probably due more to her not being spayed. Once she's spayed she should start being nicer.

But she might be the type of cat that just doesn't like other cats and would be happier as an only child or with dogs. So you might want to place her in that kind of home after she is spayed.

Were you plan on keeping any of the kittens or Mia?
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