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Horse/livestock people

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I was told (and followed up with research) that I could use equine/livestock fly spray on my dog to alleviate his ongoing aggravation with flies.

It's like they wait in hordes outside for his head to appear in the doorway, then swarm his head the entire time he's out to do his business or go for a walk.

I do have a feed store nearby so getting the spray will be no problem, but I was wondering which, in your opinions, is a more effective brand?
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Equisect is a good one...it's a more 'natural' one if I remember correctly

Bronco is a good ol' standby, that has a pleasant scent (if you like citronella!), and will keep the flies off long enough to take care of business.

If you're going to go for long hikes, or happen to chance upon a pond, you'll want something that won't wash off, and Tritech (the one in the silver bottle...make sure it says 'won't sweat off') or Endure are good ones for that purpose.

I mention these ones, because I have used them all on my dogs, horses, goats, and even myself...without any issue. The latter two are the most expensive, but worthwhile for those long treks!
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Thank you!
I will look for these at the feed store when I go in on Sunday

No happening upon a pond in the desert, but we do have the Colorado river about 100 yards away and being a lab mix..well
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Make sure you read the directions and apply enough. Fly sprays are notorious for not working well, but I was just reading an article in a magazine that says you have to use enough. I'm not sure how it translates to dogs for the amount, and my flyspray is at the barn, but just make sure you read the label and use enough. I know Bronco says you can use it on dogs. I'd really think just about any fly spray will work for dogs, too. Bronco is about the lowest priced, and it goes up up up from there. Some of it can be quite pricey!
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Well, the local feed store carried none of the mentioned brands lol
The lady who works there has large dogs as well and she reccomended a brand called Pyranha Spray & Wipe.
She said it was reccomended to her when she moved out here as she'd been using Bronco, and was told that was basically the same.

You spray it on directly for quick control or spray it on a rag and wipe it on for use around the head.
It was costly, but it worked, my poor boy is now enjoying going outside again.

Thank you both for the help.
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I make my own fly spray, it costs MUCH less, doesn't give you cancer, and works better than any brand I've ever used. It would be more than safe for both you and your dog. We've got five horses, so you could imagine the $$$ for fly spray.

If you have a Dollar General around you that would be the easiest for measurements. 1/2 bottle of dial soap and 2 bottles of vingar. I say dollar general because that's what we have here in town, the vingar and dial soap bottles are just about the same size. Maybe the size of two pop bottles?
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I have tried those 'home remedy' fly sprays, and while they last for a short while, they certainly do not last long enough for me. And there are 'natural' sprays out there too, if you are concerned about the side effects. One of the biggest things I don't like about the 'soap and vinegar' mix is that this really dried out my horses skin, especially my current boy...I would rather spend a bit more and have something that doesn't dry him out, than to spend less and have a dry irritated horse... (and on a dog's coat...the soap and vinegar is REALLY greasy!!!!)
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