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Hudson Valley NY Low-Cost Spay/Neuter?

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I'm a service coordinator, and I work with developmentally disabled adults. One of my clients & her family took in a female kitten, and I asked her if she'd been spayed. She said no. We had a discussion about spay/neuter, and she said that she'd talk to her mom.

This family is low-income, and I can see that they are trying to do a good thing for this cat. They also recently took in an unaltered male stray. They are both indoor/outdoor.

I spoke with my client today and she told me that her mom wanted more information about where to get the cats altered and how much it would cost. I gave her the number for the local SPCA and told her to ask about low-cost spay/neuter programs. I also told her to keep the female indoors and away from other cats, as my client informed me that she thinks the cat is in heat.

Does anyone have any more information about where she can get these two altered for relatively little money? I'm not sure what to do to help, as I can't bring them to my vet... too expensive. But anyone with any information, I'd really appreciate it. Trying to prevent a disaster here!
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kaete, here is the best link that I know of:


Hope this helps.
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Kaete, here are some more links to help them search:

At this one, search for local shelters and rescues - many provide low-cost spay/neuter:


For this one, fill in the form for an individual needing assistance, and they'll e-mail you back the list of programs or people in the area that may be able to help:


You can also search here:


and here:


And though Neighborhood Cats is a TNR org in NYC, I'm sure they'll know where to refer you: http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/

And as a last resort, they can get a certificate from SpayUSA:


Hope this helps!

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