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Question of the Day - August 1st Friday

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I'm having a Pajama Party and your invited! What do your PJ's look like? Everyone must wear pj's.

I have this nightshirt that says, I'm the cat's Meow! It's baby blue.

Everyone have a great weekend!
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Ok if you insist on wearing pj's...... The ones I wear around the house after I get up are blue with little paw prints on them. It was actually a 3 piece set - top and long pants and a pair of shorts. Summer I wear the shorts, Winter I wear the long pants.
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I wear my "comfy pants". I don't even know what they are exactly, not sweat pants but kind of . They're black with red. And then I wear whatever t-shirt I pull out of the drawer first.
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My favourite pj's are white with coloured polka dots...pity I can only wear them in the winter though Too hot for them this time of year!
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I have a lime green nightshirt that says I Don't Do Mornings.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
I have a lime green nightshirt that says I Don't Do Mornings.
I don't do mornings either, but this morning I was up at 4 am. I even took my sleeping pill which I am supposed to take every night.

Anyway, I have a drawer full of sleep wear, from comfy to sexy. I don't have a favorite. DH does, though.
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I try and keep my Jammies as comfy and sexy as possible lol. The comfy part (for me of course) is usually flannel pants. Some have hearts, tweedy bird, teddy bears, paw prints… you know those types. The sexy part (for my hunny) Ill wear a camosil (spelling). Nothing too sexy just sexier then the flannel top that goes with the cute bottoms LOL.
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If it were right now, I would wear my Shamu shorts (blue boxer shorts with "shamus" all over them. ) with probably a Gator T shirt!!!

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Summer jammies are my NY Mets. Shorts, and a shirt top, sort of silky, blue with the NY Mets logo all over them.
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lol I don't wear PJs, but I suppose if I have to...

My loung around clothes I guess: Men's pajama bottoms cut off at the knees and a loose camisole.
Baggy, lightweight and comfy is my theme, don't care what's on em
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Yea, Pajama Party!

But wow, look at all you talking about wearing your sexy PJs to the pajama party- you are brave! Those are hubby-only for me.

So, I would wear my favorites!! A Victoria Secret top (just plain old cute top, blue, not typical VS!), my soft, cuddly blue pants with the stars and clouds on them, and, the coup de grace, my favorite sweater!

This sweater, I got in Japan, it's my favorite ever! It's SO silly, I can only wear it for PJs! It's red, with a hood and the front pocket, and it has a big white dog on the front making silly face, which is basically the Japanese equivalent of "neener-neener" (, and above the dog, it says "Octopus Army". And it's really comfy.

For those interested, Octopus Army is the name of a clothes line in Japan, but over here, it's just hilarious, especially over the picture of a dog!
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Yep. I Spongebob!
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I just got dressed. I was wearing a long blue nighty with fishes on it. Well I guess since it is a party I'd better put it back on.
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I have a lot of PJs but I never manage to wear the matching tops and bottoms together since my air is broke I've been shorts and "wife-beaters" those ribbed white men's tank tops, but since it's a party I'll probably wear my pink and purple kitty pajamas
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Fun, fun, I love pajama parties!! I'll be wearing a little pair of white boxers w/lil different colored flowers enbroidered (sp) all over them w/yellow tank.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Everyone must wear pj's.
Party pooper!

Actually I do have a nightshirt that I wear when we're not at home. It's white with a zonked out kitty on it, and says "I don't do mornings".
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I only have 1 pair of PJs. The pants are black with the Cheshire cat (from Alice in Wonderland) all over them, and the top is hot pink with the kitty and "poof" written under it. SO comfy! Normally, I just steal one of DH's t-shirts to sleep in, but for you guys, I'll dress up!
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Depends on the season. Summertime is shorts and wifebeaters or other tank tops. Wintertime is comfy pants with a tshirt or tank top.
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I have a hot pink knee length tee shirt, that says, "Alaska men - the odds are good, but the goods are odd!"

But usually I sleep in my birthday suit.
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Originally Posted by yam102284 View Post
Depends on the season.
great answer!......

well the majority of times my pijamas are rock bands........
here´s the example....

Cut the sunglasses.......
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here´s the detail.....
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I have these navy blue ones with lighter blue polka dots on them..the shirt is a blue tank top and it says "all nighter" on it

I have the dorkiest jammies!
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I have some capri-like lounge pants with Marie from Aristocats on them, and a purpley shirt that says "One Cat Just Leads to Another" that I'd wear to your PJ party
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Im wearing my mens pepsi pj pants and my dads 4x t-shirt...Ive had it since he died and refuse to give it up...I sew the holes back together over and over
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