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Cat not doing well with stairs???

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My cat is about 8 years old and lately instead of following me up the stairs to bed (his bed is right next to mine) he tends to wait at the bottom of the steps. If I give him enough time he usually follows but lately I just go back down for him and give him a lift.

My question is….. Is this normal? Is it a sign of some problem? Any advice?

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Vet visit to address the issue is needing. Possibly beginning arthritis?
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I agree about a vet visit. Could be arthritis or another aliment the requires attention.
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Vet visit it is thanks for the advice !
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Before you rush to the vet, how is his jumping ability on furniture, cat trees, etc. If he has no trouble jumping up or down from furniture, then I would not worry about the steps.
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I think if your cat hasn't had his senior panel baseline done yet, or if it's been more than six months since his last check-up, yeah, I definitely would be calling the vet as it could be arthritis or other age-related ailments that you might be able to help with - there are some supplements, etc., that can help, but always good to check with vet first.

But, if he's hopping all over everywhere else, and just waiting for his ride to bed, he may just be training you! My boy has now decided he likes his gushy dinner meal on the cat tree - amazing how he's gotten me to bring it over!
post #7 of 9 12-yr old has either arthritis or a disc problem in her back and she can manage the stairs. She doesn't run up them, and it's not pretty to watch her..but she manages.

Does your cat go down the stairs? That would be easier than up them, I would think! Perhaps he likes to be carried

A Vet visit is in order....have them do a full joint assessment...I would think he's too young to have arthritis that bad that he can't manage stairs. Has he had an injury that may contribute to any pain?

Good luck!!
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I am going to play it safe and bring him over. Sometimes i feel like a hypochondriac but better safe than sorry.
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It's better to check it out. No one will think you're being 'strange'.....unless there's some prior health history, no Vet worth his vittles is going to think that it's normal for an 8-yr old cat to have trouble climbing the stairs.....believe me!!

Keep us posted and good luck!
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