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Sad persian :(!!!

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Hello I got my first persian cat yesterday from a breeder and yesterday when I got home he was acting a bit confused which I understand because he's not used his new house, but today he didn't eat, he drink water, but he vomit a few times and that worries me, could that be a sign of sickness or disease or is this just maybe a behavior because he is scare to the new environment, I spoke to the breeder and explain her what was going on and she told me is because he don't know the place yet but what do you guys think I should do, I am doing everything she told me but he look very sad and I don't like that!!!

sorry for reposting this but i though I will get better help here!!!
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Well first thing I would say is it's not unusual for a new kitten to get a slightly upset tummy when he first gets to his new home, because of stress, and because there are different background levels of 'normal' bacteria that he may not have come into contact with before, the water where you live may also be different than what he got at the breeder's. It shouldn't be any more serious than slightly soft stools for a couple of days though.

Whenever you bring a new cat or kitten home, whether it is from a breeder, or a street cat, you should take it to the vet within the first couple of days, even if it is just to confirm that the kitten is healthy and to register them with your vet, as you would register with a doctor if you moved to a new area.

How old is your kitten? As you got him from a breeder I am assuming he is at least 12 weeks old and vaccinated?

I would be worried about the vomiting as it can cause dehydration, all new arrivals need to see the vet so take him to the vet tomorrow and see what the vet says. I hope everything is OK
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Cats do that when you first get them. I have a cat taht wont eat or drink right now because we moved yesterday. Give him time to adjust and he will be ok.
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