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Where do your cats sleep?

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Just out of curiosity do you cats have particular room in which they sleep or to you give them free run of the house at night? My boyfriends cats have a proper cat bed upstairs on the landing but they also have the choice of the kitchen or conservatory. My cats, Frank has his own cushion in the kitchen and he stays in there all night, Max sleeps in my bed which of course is fine for him but is not so good for me cos he is like a little radiator, he is so hot, but i can't throw him out. Plus its more his bed than my bed now as i'm away at uni most of the year.
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My kitty sleeps on the bed with me. It's a small bed, though, so sometimes she is on the floor
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Patches sleeps in the office / guestroom on the couch ... Bridget who is huge tries to sleep on my hip when she slides off she sleeps between DH and I , until his snoring gets to her and she goes and curls up in one of our bedroom chairs.
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Mine usually sleep where ever they please; whether that's with me, or where ever else they choose. Four of the five will sleep with us in 'shifts'...one prefers to sleep on the bed during the day...when she doesn't have to share...Lol!!!

On particularly 'rough and tumble' nights, I do tend to lock them out of the bed room though...so I can at least get some sleep...Lol!
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Always on our Cal King bed. She has an afghan, folded on which she sleeps.
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Wherever they want but usually in the bedrooms either under or on the bed. They are best of friends but don't usually sleep on the same bed, if one is sleeping on the bed and the other jumps up on the bed one will leave.
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Mine sleep wherever they please at the moment. It seems to change on a regular bases, though Kuce likes the beds (Both human and cat) and her carrier. Luvbug loves the couch or his cat bed. Lil' Jag loves the couch, her bed or anywhere high.
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Scuddy sleeps under the bed most nights, Tuffy on the bed at the foot, Bandit sleep on feet, Piglet sleeps between DH feet or next to my hip. Now that everyone is bigger, they don't try to sleep on our heads
No fussing or rough house on the bed, we kick them off, and they have learned that little rule. Funny how they will learn rules.
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Wherever they feel like. Sometimes we'll have 3 cats on the bed, other nights we have no cats. Stumpy is generally at DH's or my feet, Lily will be at my hip, and Smudge snuggled in my arm - I think DH moves to much, since they are generally with me.

If Stumpy's not on the bed, she'll be outside our door guarding it for us. Lily and Smudge will be on the couch or their cat tree if they're not with us.
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Mine sleep with me under the covers, my 3 hot water bottles
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Blossom mostly sleeps on our bed. I don't allow her access to the rest of the house because of other pets.
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Its 6:20AM and I am up because my giant cat Bridget felt that she needed to walk all over me and settle on trying to balance herself on my thigh pinning me flat to the bed. I couldnt stay in one position so I got up and came down stairs to see what was up at TCS.

Im the sort that once Im up , Im up... so here I sit awake for no reason and I look over and Bridget is asleep in the chair beside me.

Me thinks someone likes me

I just wish she could like me and let me sleep lol
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Wherever they want. Usually they hang out in whatever room I'm in. Right now they are upstairs in their beds. We have cat beds on my dresser in the bedroom, and one in the spare room. They like to sleep in those during the day. They also spend a lot of time on our couch. It's a pretty comfy couch.
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My oldest kitty, Asher usually sleeps in the bedroom with me. Jack, our newest addition sometimes sleeps in the bedroom but usually sleeps on the couch in the living room.
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Punkin, ever the mugwump, likes to sleep on top of the TV in our bedroom. Very occasionally, he'll get on the foot of the bed. Sterling spends most of the night next to Dottie's shoulder. Ella is still settling in, but during the day, she sleeps behind the entertainment center.
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Mine sleep with me under the covers, my 3 hot water bottles
Not so sure I'd want all those hot water bottles THIS time of year...Lol!!! I'd have to peel them off in the morning, or shower to remove the poor sweated on sticky beings...it's sooooo hot and humid here; and we don't have AC this summer
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Originally Posted by faith's_mom View Post

Not so sure I'd want all those hot water bottles THIS time of year...Lol!!!
It's winter over here
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Everywhere! Delilah likes to sleep in my 12yo DS's bed. Griffin likes to sleep with 8yo DS, and Bastian likes to sleep with DD. Blue and Piper usually sleep with me, but since Adam's been in my bedroom they haven't been allowed. So, they've resorted to their daytime nap spots - Blue in her bed on top of some cabinets, and Piper in the basket of winter snow pants. (Griffin and Bastian are also partial to this basket during the day, and they all cuddle up together sometimes.) Adam's been sleeping in my bed for the timebeing, and Sprout has been sleeping on the couch under his blanket.
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Well, they sleep where ever.

Stoli usually sleeps on or under the covers, between my legs. Luxor on top of him. And I toss and turn all night and get up 5 times to pee....so then I have to weasel my way back into bed.
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Anywhere she wants to, as long as her butt wouldn't be in front of my face

Ku Ku has her own comfy bed but doesn't seem to sleep there unless the weather gets little colder. She just keeps changing her "bed" these days - was sleeping next to me for few months but recently started sleeping on a chair next to bed.
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During the day, Tabby sleeps all over the place. But once it's bedtime for everyone, she sleep with my mom all cozied up.
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Belle and Delilah sleep wherever they want. Usually they start out in the living room...Delilah in the cat bed or on the cat tree, and Belle in her basket. Belle usually comes and hogs the bed at some point during the night (for a small kitten, she sure seems to take up a lot of space!) and Delilah joins us early in the morning. If we accidentally leave the bedroom closet open, Delilah likes to sleep on the top shelf on top of the clothes...or in a laundry basket.
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Since my 3 are still kittens we keep them in the office, their "bedroom" for now, overnight. When they get old enough we'll let them have free reign of the house at night, except for our bedroom and bathroom. Hubby doesn't like the idea of kitties interrupting our alone time! When will they be old enough? I'm not sure...right now they are still small enough to squeeze under the 2-3 inch gap under all of our internal doors, so we have to put cardboard on doors to any room we want to keep off limits! So it will probably be after they get big enough not to crawl under our door!
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Mitzi is free to roam all over the house, but generally she likes to sleep...

On my bed
on my mom and dad's bed
in her basket
behind the printer
on the window ledge
on the rabbit hutch
on the garden bench
in the middle of the floor
behind the curtains
on the sofa
in the bushes and plants in the garden
under the car
next to the bath
next to the airing cupboard
at the top of the stairs
on my head
on my belly
on my back
on my feet

and she occasionally sits in the sink
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My new (and very first) kitty Miso definitely sleeps anywhere during the day, we joke that she's narcoleptic because she will be playing... then suddenly doze off for a bit in a random spot, like in the middle of the floor. Whenever I'm on the computer, she's sleeping on the computer desk (like right now) Nighttime though she always sleeps on my pillow, right above my head, or on my boyfriend's pillow, curled around his head. She seems to prefer his pillow because it's not so firm...
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Mecha sleeps where ever she pleases.
when we were sleeping out in the loungeroom she'd sleep the single lounge next to the fold out bed (even had a blankie on it) but since we've moved into the bedroom it's either on the bed, under the bedroom in her scratching post.
she's only allowed to sleep in whichever room we're asleep in as she gets up at 3 - 4 am and if she had free run of the flat she would drive me even crazier with the things she'd get into
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Mitzy generally sleeps as close to where I am as he can possibly get. At night this is generally on my stomach on the sofa, or else when I'm sleeping he sleeps on my pillow so close to my face that I actually have my nose burried in his fur or else whiskers in my ear/up my nose :P

My boyfriends cat has also claimed his bed.
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We stopped allowing the cats in our bedroom when we still had Jasmine living with us because every time she went in there she'd try an pee on the bed. After we took her back to my mom's house (she's doing awesome there - has not gone outside of the litter once! she was doing it here because she wasn't happy and missed her grandma we think)

Anyways, so since we stopped allowing them in our bedroom when Jasmine was here, we never did let them back in even now that she's not here. We just let the dogs in there with us at night. The cats have run of most of the house.

The laundry room is their "bedroom"- complete with kitty beds, a cat tree, dining area, and litter pans.

The are also allowed in the kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallway by the back bedroom.

We have a split floor plan to our house- so half of the bedrooms are one one side behind a hallway door in the kitchen and our master bedroom and nursrey are on the other side of the house. None of the animals are allowed in the back bedrooms- we want to keep those pet free for when we have company with allergies over (also less fur to clean up!)
No pets are allowed in our master bathroom or the office/nursery eithor- We're about to move all of dh's stuff out of that room soon (finishing the attic for him!) and that room is going to be a nursary- so we want it as fur free as possible. The only room the dogs are allowed in that the cats aren't is our bedroom- that's because they sleep with us. The cats sleep in the living room usually on the couch, so they've got their own space in there
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Where she wants.
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well, i have two cats but heidi is more of my boyfriend's cat. she usually either sleeps on top of the couch or on the computer chair which is nice and cushiony. but MY cat alice, she usually sleeps with me in my bed or on the top bunk unless I leave my door open and shes not there in the morning lol she usually goes into the living room or downstairs with my boyfriend
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