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Need a little help in the name department . . .

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OK, I give. I am trying to think of a name for my baby. I don't want to wait to decide til I bring her home. That way, when I go see her, I'll have something to call her by. I want it to be something a bit exotic, like the name of a flower or a Greek goddess or something. Registered cats in the TICA get 35 spaces for their names, and since the name of the cattery they're from goes first, it's actually fewer than 35.

The cattery I'm buying from is 15 letters long, plus a space to separate it from the name. So, I have a total of 19 letters for a name.

Again, she's a blue mitted Ragdoll. (And I need to come up with two names, one for my first choice and one for a second choice, in case the first one is taken.) Any ideas y'all???
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There were several threads for names that got linked together a while back, I'll do a search....

OK, found it! Many of these aren't proper for your show kitty, but there are some wonderful mythological names in there too, it just takes a little while to read through...

Name Ideas
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I like these:

Persiphone-Goddess of Springtime (Then married to Pluto)
Titania- Queen of the Fairies

I also like to name mine after characters that I like (all of my cats are named after characters in The Majician's Apprentice.

Some female characters I like are:
Miriamelle (The Dragonbone Chair)
Polgara, Poledra, & Ce'Nedra (The Belgariad)
Ehlana (The Diamond Throne)

Flower names:
Lilly (Lilliana)
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Here are a few names that I consider exotic. Some of them have actual meanins and some don't

Kirsalynne - no meaning - pronounced Keer-Sah-Line

Taika - Tigh-ee-kah - meaning "Little Magic" (Finnish)

Adonia - A Beautiful Goddess

Phylicia - Happiness - Greek

Quiana - Soft material - Old English

Zyta - Little Rose - Spanish

Zanna - Lily - English

These are just a few names that I found by looking up "Exotic Names" on google. Another really excellent search engine (if you want to look up some yourself) to try is www.alltheweb.com

Good luck naming such a beautiful angel
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Thanks everyone!!!!!!
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