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Hi, diabetic kitty and RAW questions

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Hi everybody, this is my first post (nice site!) and I'm just now starting my 11 year old kitty, Onyx, on RAW. She was diagnosed with diabetes a week ago today. Her blood glucose at that time was 391 and with diet change (from kibble with occasional canned, to low carb canned only) her blood sugar dropped drastically with just a few days, so my Vet wants to wait and see how she'll do with this change before putting her on insulin. I check her blood sugar at home frequently and am in close contact with the Vet. She is allergic to fish and evidentally something in the new canned food I'm feeding (allergic to something other than fish, she is getting the ones without fish) because she has started digging at her tummy and inner legs again.

I've been reading on RAW, and with the diabetes and allergies, it seems the way to go for her. The Vet she had up until last year, who recently left the area, wanted me to put her on RAW but I hesitated and never did it. No other Vet in that practice believes in RAW. I plan to take her to another one as soon as I can, although he's 45 minutes from here, who believes in RAW.

Today I bought some NuDimensions chicken RMB...and she loved! it! I was amazed at how well she took to it.

I know she also needs a supplement with this (NuDimensions is just meat and bones) and added organ meat. The thing I'm having a problem with is the fish oil that is used (by most who feed RAW?) since she is allergic to fish. Is there something else I can use instead?

Also, since the ND has the bone in it, I don't want her to get too much calcium from the supplement...I've read so much about RAW that my head is spinning and I really need some guidance on a "recipe" for the ND.

I've also thought about just using raw meat, supplements and organ meat. I'll have to get a food processor for that.

Does anyone use this supplement http://www.goodpet.com/library/pharmacyFiles/golden.asp or have opinions on it?

I know this is a lot for my first post, but I really need help!


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You are so lucky you have a great great vet. many in fact most vets are not up to date on diabetes especially the nutrition part. Low carb canned or raw is the way to go and I belive that dry foods are the number 1 reason cats get diabetes in the first place. I have and work with diabetic cat owners in teaching them the right way to treat this manageable disease.
Now as for the raw diet. Unfortunately I do not feed raw but I know alittle about it and have yet to see a receipe that did not contain salmon oil or another type of fish oil so I cannot answer your question in that way. What I can tell you is that it the carbs that affects the blood glucose numbers and canned foods under 10% carns will work the same as tghe raw if you cannot find a receipe. All wellness canned falls under the carb threshold and is human grade food. There is a yahoo group for barf diets that should be able to answer your question, http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/C...ec=group&slk=2
I see you test the ear at home. Absolutely wonderful! You obviously know what you are doing. I doubt you need my help but if I can be of assitence don't hesotate to email me. Normal numbers you are shooting for range from around 40 t0 about 140 (2.2 to 7.6)
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you can use a veggie oil ( ie olive ) ... you can also do butter ,.... TECHNICALLY a cat allergic to FISH should have no issue with fish oil...

BASIC complete raw
70 % meat
15 % organ
10 % bone
3-5% veggie matter
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Yes when it comes to the thought of feeding our cats raw meat, we tend to shudder at the thought, but it is very good for them. Just remember you have to do the switch *very slowly*. Even if she initially takes to it, you may find her throwing up a day or two later. Her system needs time to adapt to it.

Here are some helpful links:





Hope this helps!
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Hi Shanynne, I'll do it slowly so she has time to adjust. Thanks for the links!

Wow Sharky, you spelled it out in simple terms whereas I was making it so complicated, I think. Would she still need supplements using the "recipe" you gave? The NuDimensions has 15% bone, would that make much of a difference?

Her BG readings started climbing last night so I'm taking her in at 3:30 to most likely be put on a small amount of insulin. I don't think the small amount of RAW would make her readings climb. If so, looks like they would have dropped back down by now.

optionken, thank you, I may take you up on the offer to email you. She'll probably go on the insulin today. I'm a member at a feline diabetic board, but you never can have too much help and guidance!
I'll check out the Yahoo group on RAW.

Debbie and Onyx
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Debbie - Your mailbox is full.
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15% is okay .. as some food s dont use veggies ...

I still would use a BASIC multiple...

look at this site
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That's where you got the testing and food, from the fdmb!
I also was a member but have recently stopped posting. I was ken and sneakers
Best of luck.
yes no more then 1 unit 2x a day. If the politics of the board get a lttle crazy you can email me at optionken@optonline.net or PM me on the board as Ken and Sneakers. I still talk to people there Best of luck
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