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Preventing spraying

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Quick background: When I took Adam in, I was told he has no litter box issues whatsoever. He's been confined to my bedroom/bathroom for the last week, and he has used his box without fail, and no spraying. However, DH had a conversation today with Adam's former owner's soon-to-be-ex-wife, who told DH that she hated Adam because he always peed all over their house.

I'm not sure what to believe at this point, since I haven't had one problem with his behavior so far, but I want to do everything I can to prevent any spraying problems from starting. Adam is going to the vet tomorrow for his vet check, shots, etc. I am going to talk to the vet tomorrow about when I can get him neutered. (I'm not sure if it's recommended to neuter him ASAP, or to wait until he's gained more weight.) He will be fixed as soon as the vet recommends doing it, and I'm planning to keep him confined to the bedroom until after he recovers.

Other than getting him fixed, is there anything else I can do to ward off a spraying issue? How should I go about introducing Adam to the other 6 cats? If he does start spraying, how likely is it that my other cats might start doing it too? (They are all fixed and have never sprayed before.) If he does spray, what should my reaction be to correct the problem as quickly as possible?

I am kind of panicking here! I had to fight tooth and nail to get DH to agree to let me keep Adam, so I really hope he doesn't start spraying now - DH would NOT be happy with me.
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Try not to panick too much. An intact male with an unspayed female.....yeah he's gonna spray.

Get him neutered ASAP. All you kitties are fixed, which will help.

If he sprays, immediately have his urine tested to rule out a UTI. When introducing him to the others, have Feliway diffusers plugged in. Go slowly....you should be OK.
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Good luck with Adam!
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Okay, Adam tested FeLV negative today, and had his first round of vaccinations. I am deciding now where I am going to have him neutered. (I love my vet, but he is NOT the cheapest in the area. Have to negotiate with DH on this.) Hopefully I can call on Monday to get his neuter appt scheduled.

I did some reading on this forum last night, so I think I have some ideas for how to try to solve the problem if it starts. I will definitely have to get some refills for my Feliway diffuser! Thanks for the advice.
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