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The Ruins!!!

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Thinking of renting this movie The Ruins for the weekend..

Anyone seen it, and if so what did you think?
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I just finished watching this a couple of days ago. I thought it was a stupid movie to be honest. It was made up to be a really scary movie, and to me, it wasn't scary at all. It was really gory, but that was about it. I thought it was going to be more horror, like creatures in the ruins or something, but it was different. (if you want to know more you can PM me)

I like to watch movies, even if people say they're bad. I like to see for myself. Some movies that people have said were bad, I liked. It's all in people's tastes. If you want to see it, go on and rent it.
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I totally felt the same!! It started out alright and then it totally sucked I hated it maybe the book will be better??
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omigosh. The book scared the livin' daylights out of me. It was one of those books where I kept thinking, "I don't want to turn the page......I've got to turn the page......but I don't want to turn the page."

The movie didn't last long in the theatres, and, apparently got bad reviews (I don't read reviews). I don't really care what the critics said, and now that it's on Pay-Per-View, I was thinking of renting it. I'm really curious.
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I too was disappointed in this movie. I absolutely LOVE horror movies and every time a new ones comes out my sweet boyfriend makes it a romantic date night with dinner and everything (ya I know, I’m weird LOL).

I was looking forward to the Ruins for months! My boyfriend made it my romantic birthday date and I was so looking forward to it since it was after all my birthday.

Gore wise, it was pretty good. Other then that, it sucked! I would still rent it if you want to see it since everyone has different opinion on things (I almost always love movies that others hate lol)

I understand what Yam is saying about “Different†I thought it would be different too. When I found out what was up I was like “are you for real?â€

Just my opinion. I didn’t totally hate it, but it sucked all the same lol. It was mildly entertaining. Beginning was good too.
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