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Pet Peeves

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What are your pet peeves?? I have a few things that REALLY annoy me.

1. Seeing dark roots coming out of someones head.
2. Chipped nail polish
3. Wet towels
4. Other peoples hairs in public sinks, that really grosses me out
5. People that don´t have their eyebrows done ( I REALLY have to resist the erge to whip out my eye brow treezer and do the brows )
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LOL! I am with you on the chipped nail polish! That bothers me so much I always have to nag my friends when they let that happen!

There was a great thread started by blue about everyone's pet peeves!
I'm not sure how everyone does the neat links to old threads but here is the entire address as I found it:


Hopefully that will work!
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1. The way the local weather forcast is given, especially when we are in a period of having very unstable weather (like we are now): The weather forcaster will give the current weather conditions, the expected high for the day, and the expected overnight low. Then they say something like "what will tomorrow's weather be like? We'll tell you all about that right after the news." Which means in about 20 minutes. I prefer to get my weather information at one time and without interruption.

2. People who are difficult to talk to because they are only able to have a conversation about one or two things, and these things usually involve either themselves or their family. If someone wants to talk about something different, they are given a dirty look.

3. Seeing gray roots coming out of someone's head.
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Gum chewing in public, especially if they are really chomping away. And it REALLY annoys me if they snap it.
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People who don't like animals
hot/sunny weather
grocery stores
dirty people
kids yelling
materialistic people
animal testing

That's just a few, I'm sure I have alot more!

Lisa & Sash
http://pages.ivillage.com/lisalee992 (Sash's website)
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people who talk in the theater
people who spit in public
cell phones being used in restaurants
people abusing children/animals
kids who wear their hats and shirts backwards
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I hate very little things, but the things I hate drive me nuts!
1.Dark roots on peoples head.
2.Stuck-up people that think they know everything, whom are 'always right'
3.People that blink alot for no reason

I also hate when people touch their mouths, but I guess it's not THAT bad.

Oh, and I hate animal abusers, and animal testing. Those deserve stronger meanings then 'pet peeves'
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Originally posted by hissy

kids who wear their hats and shirts backwards

I hate backseat drivers! Although I have noticed that sometimes I do it
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1. People who hate everyone because they don't look, think, etc. like them.
2. people who hate animals.
3. Distracted drivers, for example eating or talking on cell phones (except in emergencies).
4. Road rage.
5. Abusers of both people and animals.
6. overusage or inappropriate foul language.

I have more but I'd better stop here.
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Oh god where do i start!.

1.People who snort back mucus(I could barf when i hear that!)
2.People who never hold a door for you, or say thanks when you hold it open for them.
3.Bad manners full stop!.
4.People who say they will ring you back when they dont(Like a supplier said to me at 9 am this morning and it's now after 2 pm!)
5.People who don't brush their teeth.
6.People who don't know what deodorant is.
7.People who dont wash their hands.

I better stop there.
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I totally HATE spitting (and mucus snorting euuuuw)
and most of the others people mentioned
A strange one for me is, I cant stand it when someone rips the loo paper and not tears it across the little perforations. It somehow looks 'tainted' if you see what I mean. Heaven knows why it gets to me but it does
Oh wow we do sound like an intolerant lot dont we
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Alexis i know what your mean. Stupid as it sounds if i see that, i'll tear that square off first!
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Peole who gnaw their fingernails just gross me out.
People that chew with their mouths open and pop gum.
Loud, booming stereos in cars (those people have got to brain damaged from all that noise!)
Peole that are mean to kids or animals
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Rosiemac, I'm with you on your numbers 1 - 3! Those bother me so much! I had a boss who made that sound all the time and I sat right in front of him. It was absolutely disgusting!

I have so many pet peeves so I'll pick my biggest one:

Smokers who smoke RIGHT outside a door that a lot of people use. I think it's so ignorant and inconsiderate... Think about people with asthma or who are allergic to smoke! (not that I am I just hate smoke)
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