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Sad persian :(!!!

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Hello I got my first persian cat yesterday from a breeder and yesterday when I got home he was acting a bit confused which I understand because he's not used his new house, but today he didn't eat, he drink water, but he vomit a few times and that worries me, could that be a sign of sickness or disease or is this just maybe a behavior because he is scare to the new environment, I spoke to the breeder and explain her what was going on and she told me is because he don't know the place yet but what do you guys think I should do, I am doing everything she told me but he look very sad and I don't like that!!!
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Well, it could be a number of things. Not eating, not drinking, irregular litter box habits could all be passed with stress, and maybe even vomitting, but honestly, without diagnostics, you can never know. It could be something as simple as stress, but it could also be something as serious as pancreatitis. It would defintely warrant a veterinary visit, if possible. Especially if the vomitting persists for over 24 - 48 hours. Good luck!
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Are you feeding the cat the same food the breeder fed it? A change in diet could cause it to vomit. Perhaps it is just stressed and just needs time to get used to things. If it continues I think a trip to the vets would be a good idea just to be on the safe side. It hasn't eaten any plants or anything I hope. Good luck with your new kitty.
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Oh just re-read your post and saw that the cat didn't eat so it can't be the food. Sorry it's been a very long hot day!
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I don't know if your breeder gave you his health records and vet name, but you might call them and ask. Sometimes it is just stress, but I would definately take him in for a vet check and just cover the bases. Make sure he stays warm and try confining him to a small area like a bathroom, a whole house can be overwhelming for a new cat. Once he gets his smell around him it should help. Also, toys and food/water and litter need to be in there with him, you would be surprised how much a cat will eat at night when they feel safe and someplace to hide and feel snuggly. Hope this helps.
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Sounds like he needs a vet check. Hope he is ok.
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sounds like stress to me but talk to the vet just to be sure
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