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Vibes needed in the mousery!

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Ok little forest (satin self black female) mouse is HUGE bigger than a golf ball, shes overdue now (i think)
i noticed earlier a little bit of mucus round her foofy(girly bits's)
i now noticed a little watery blood in her nest.. im thinking its labour
vibes for a safe delivery would be really appreciated now
thanks guys pics in a few days hopefully of bouncing babies
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What color is the dad? What colors do you expect?
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dad if im right is a satin self black too although one of the last litters was mis sexed and had a male in, but im pretty sure he was still too young too do any damage and they should have had babies then..
im expecting darker satin self blacks from this girl though
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My mouse just had babies recently. very cute. Good vibes for your mouse mommy!
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I hope everything is going well for the mommy mouse!

I always miss out on everyone's pictures because it takes my computer sooooo long to load them.
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still no sign today i dont want this ikkle miss having trouble o any sign of trouble its a vet trip...
think jasmine,scooby and snowflake are due on the 2nd i really should find my book with dates in bad bad me! keep the vibes coming im begining too panic for some reason, its not the first litter ive had but it is hers so im just so fidgity, sheeeeeeeeeesh shes my furgrandaughter
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Bad news im afraid she delivered some nasty looking underveloped babies
one of the little ones survived but this morning passed, not sure what happened im ringing a breeder tonight see if she can shed some light on the situation,
she had 8 all together

On a brighter side your vibes and well wishes found scooby who delivered me 5 beautifull babies they should all be satin doves
pics too follow out later
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